PayPal—having finished its $800 million acquisition of Braintree, a Chicago-based payments company known for its developer-focused tools and customer service—is now moving its existing developer relations team into Braintree. The combined teams will market both Braintree and PayPal’s tools.

PayPal’s bigger resources and programs like its Battle Hacks events will likely help Braintree win more international business. John Lunn, the head of PayPal developer relations, will run the combined group and report to Braintree CEO Bill Ready.

One question mark: The fate of Braintree’s relatively new San Francisco office, an increasing focus for the company before PayPal bought it. The San Francisco location is a center for work on Braintree’s mobile tools, and a hub for interaction with its many Bay Area-based customers. Braintree’s Ready recently told ReadWrite that he’d be spending more time in San Francisco in the coming year.

And in a recent ReadWriteMix interview, PayPal president David Marcus acknowledged that his San Jose-based company had “to do a better job at finding places for people who live in [San Francisco] to work.”

When I asked about Braintree’s San Francisco office, Marcus smiled and said, “It’s a nice office.”