New Verizon Droids Drop “RAZR,” Still Sharp

In a very brief press event in New York today, Verizon has showcased the next line of Motorola’s Droid-branded phones: the Mini, the Maxx, and the Ultra.

All of the new Droid devices, which will be replacing the current RAZR models, will feature a Kevlar, unibody design, which will give them a thinner look and lighter feel.

Each device has its own market niche, at least as far as Verizon is concerned. According to Jeff Dietel Verizon’s VP of Wireless Devices, the Droid Ultra “is all about thin,” and the Droid Mini will be “a compact design.” The Maxx is “all about battery life,” and the specs are impressive if they perform in real-life: the Droid Maxx will have 8% more battery life than than its RAZR Maxx predecessor—up to 48 hours of power.

While the camera hype on the new devices was nowhere near as high on as the recent Lumia announcements from Nokia, the phones will have new on-board software like Quick Capture to speed up picture taking and Droid Zap, which will enable users to share photos with nearby friends using gestures.

Pre-ordering can start today. The Droid Mini will run $99, the Ultra $199 and the Maxx $299. All three of the devices will hit the shelves on August 20th.

Image courtesy Northfoto/Shutterstock.

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