Facebook just announced the biggest change to its design since Timeline shook things up back in 2011 — and actually, it looks pretty awesome. The big, popping visuals that Timeline introduced certainly heralded the News Feed redesign that Facebook announced today at its Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters.

Big Changes Rolling Out Gradually

Facebook learned its lesson from that redesign too: the new News Feed will be rolling out, starting today, very gradually — folding in user feedback all along the way. The new News Feed design even includes a button that lets you revert to the old design, you know, if you’re the afraid-of-change type.

But even if you are that type, this interface overhaul will probably strike your fancy. I didn’t even realize how long in the tooth Facebook was starting to look until I activated the new design.

If you’re anxious for a peek at the new News Feed, we’ve got plenty of images outlining the major new features. And don’t panic — change can be a good thing. 

If you see this pop up on your News Feed, take the new design for a spin like so.

A new drop down menu makes it easy to hop between revamped News Feed hubs like Music, Games and Photos.

The new Music stream ties into apps like Spotify as well as posts by musicians, like Mr. Bowie.

Memes are bigger than ever now, literally.

A separate stream for accounts that you "follow" turns News Feed into, well, a news feed reader.

Now everyone will know about your quadruple word score.

Has the News Feed redesign popped up on your Facebook account yet? Let us know what you think!