Kevin Kelly, the brilliant technology theorist and author of the seminal books “What Technology Wants” and “Out of Control,” has created his first graphic novel: “The Silver Cord” – and made it available as a free download. It takes the title of Ray Kurzweil’s bestseller “The Age of Spiritual Machines” at face value and asks, what will happen when a robot reports that it has experienced an epiphany?

This 210-page visual feast is a team effort, drawing on talents from Pixar, ILM, Lucas and Electronic Arts, as well as the deviantART forum. Best of all, it’s available free of charge

But there’s a catch: To read the story’s conclusion, you’ll need to wait for “The Silver Cord, Volume 2.” It’s already in development with a $20,000 Kickstarter project to back it up. So if the initial offering hooks you, you can help make sure you get your next fix. Fans have seven days to subsidize the sequel.