The Facebook IPO was a euphoric moment for tech. For the first time, a social Web company had resisted acquisition, dominated the world and gone public without compromising itself. But now that the frenzy has subsided, where does the tech industry stand?

What does the Facebook news say about our economy in general? 

Henry Blodget examines the real value of Facebook now that everyone has sobered up.

Venkatesh Rao contends that what’s good for Facebook is good for America, and the argument is surprisingly powerful.

Without a doubt, the Facebook IPO is a turning point for Silicon Valley, Steve Blank tells The Atlantic.

But the explosion of tech business has had some ominous side effects. The Wall Street Journal reports an upsetting rise in job listings looking for Jedi, ninjas, rockstars and gurus.

The world is more prosperous than ever, but we’re spending our wealth in such lopsided ways.

Just for economic contrast, check out this intense photo essay about Fresno, Calif. (ᔥ 3quarksdaily)

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