To celebrate Pi Day on March 14th (3.14), we’re giving away a cool Pi Day T Shirt from ThinkGeek. To win our Pi Day Contest, we want to know your vision for Quantum Computing.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Matthew Leifer who won the contest with this comment!

The possibilities are exciting. Many people, including RWW’s Mobile guru, Dan Rowinski, believe it may be the innovation that changes human history the most in our lifetimes, assuming of course that we’re around when it moves beyond current research. Will we live long enough to see it’s promise realized?

Quantum computing will replace binary in processing transaction in a device. So, instead of 1 and 0, any value can be computed turning computing power from a limited set into exponential and powerful engine that can do things that would take days now in a matter of seconds.

Quantum Possibilities

The computer you use now is limited to binary processing, a transistor is either on or off. Quantum computing is not constrained in this way. Data can be represented in multiple states, bringing the possibilities of fantastical computing power, though for now, the hardware is still a limitation.

To win our Pi Day Contest, we want to know your vision for Quantum Computing. Will it replace existing computers? Will it be used side by side with binary computers, perhaps used only for specialized tasks? Will it be used for quantum teleportation, without the risk a Jeff Goldblum nightmare scenario?

What’s Your Vision for Quantum Computing?

Answer better than everyone else and you may find yourself decked out in a fancy Pi T-shirt, holding a $25 gift certificate from ThinkGeek (our partners in quantum crime).

Let us know your vision for Quantum Computing in the comments on this post. We look forward to being schooled by your answers!