¡Viva Los eLibros! Amazon Opens Spanish & Italian Kindle Stores

Amazon has announced the opening of the Kindle Store in Italy and Spain, as well as the first Italian- and Spanish-language Kindles. The French Kindle Store opened in October. The Italian store features over 16,000 book titles, and the Spanish store has 22,000, both including thousands of free classics.

Just as in the French, each of the new stores is opening with the new basic Kindle reader available for 99€. The international stores also support Amazon’s new Kindle Direct Publishing service, so independent authors and publishers can make their books available in these new stores.

As we noted in our Top 10 Consumer Web Products of 2011, Kindle is not just a product; it’s a media service. Amazon continues to extend the end-to-end services, and its entry-level device, around the world. This holiday season Kindles have sold 400% better than usual, although Amazon never tells us exactly what “usual” is.

The Italian store is available at amazon.it/kindle, and the Spanish store is at amazon.es/kindle. For Kindle Direct Publishing, visit kdp.amazon.it for Italian and kdp.amazon.es for Spanish.

Do you have an e-ink reader, or do you prefer books?

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