As Brian Williams of NBC News is fond of saying, the news begins now. If you are looking for cool CRM apps from smaller companies that don’t necessarily have the talent to show off their goods, Paul Greenberg’s labor of love (which we covered earlier this year here), began last week with dozens of apps posted to the judging website here.

For the past several months, Greenberg has been the force behind CRM Idol, his term for a worldwide competition of new apps in this market space. Each contestant will have an hour demo in front of a judging panel – just like American Idol but without the odious celebrity draw – and the judges will confer and author a review of what they have seen. And like the TV shows, a winner will be determined from both popular online votes and the judging panel.

There are entries of apps from all over the world and for all kinds of customer support and account management situations. Some of the apps have screencast videos or static screenshots showing you what is involved with each app.

If you are interested in seeing what is happening with the competition, check back on the CRM Idol website every couple of days to see how the contestants are doing and what the judges are saying about each entrant.