If you’re like most modern professionals, you conduct a lot of discussions over email. We don’t often realize it as we go about our day-to-day, but the information contained in some of those emails can have some long-term value to the organization.

Even with a system of stars and labels such as what Google Apps users are accustomed to, important emails can easily get buried several pages deep. In the event that an employee leaves the company, that knowledge can disappear with them.

This is the problem that Niraj Ranjan Rout is hoping to solve with a new Web app called Grexit. The plugin for Google Apps allows you to forward important email conversations to a central, shared repository, where they are saved for later review.

The interface of GrexIt includes some familiar conventions: stars, labels and a search box. In a sense, it’s like Gmail without the email functionality. So what, you might wonder, is the point?

The advantage of GrexIt lies in the fact that it’s a shared knowledge base that can be accessed by as many members of the team as desired. Instead of wallowing in the depths of somebody’s inbox, important details and ideas can be shared in one central location.

Of course, as with one’s inbox, GrexIt runs the risk of turning into a disheveled nightmare over time if it’s not properly managed and organized. Consciously taking advantage of the app’s organizational tools will be key to keeping things in order.

Want to give GrexIt a try? Sign up using your Google Apps account and the invite code RWW200 to get access.