Whether you meet with colleagues in person or from remote locations, there’s still a need to keep an accurate record of what was discussed and what next actions are required. You could go the old school, pen-and-paper route, but those notes will still need to be typed up and shared with colleagues.

To simply the process, you might want to try minutes.io, a Web app that lets you take meeting minutes online and easily share them with others.

The app doesn’t do anything more or less than you need it to. Its simple interface consists of a few text fields for pertinent meeting information like attendees, location and agenda. Beneath that is an area for adding minutes, categorizing them (Is it a to-do item, idea or comment?) and giving them an owner and a due date. In the upper-left sit three buttons: one for emailing notes, one for printing them and one that takes you back to a listing of previous meeting notes.

Since the app’s functionality is built with JavaScript rather than Flash, it works nicely on tablets. We tested it out on the iPad and had no issues. The only challenge might be keeping up with the meeting while typing on a touch screen keyboard, but it’s nothing a wireless keyboard can’t fix.

Minutes.io is free to use and doesn’t require a user account, so giving it a shot could hardly be more painless.