As 2010 draws to a close we’re taking a look at a few cloud startups that show promise and that we haven’t covered on ReadWriteCloud.

Netuitive is an automated, cloud-based IT monitoring system for both traditional and virtualized IT environments. It applies predictive analytics to IT management by using algorithms to determine the “normal” state of various systems and then issuing alerts whenever a system deviates from the norm. For example, if your ERP system suddenly starts processing more transactions than usual, Netuitive can notify the appropriate admin. The idea is to catch problems before an outage occurs.

Netuitive uses behavioral learning technology to learn the patterns of each system it monitors. It can monitor tens of thousands, if not millions, of metrics and integrates with several exiting monitoring systems, including solutions from: BMC, CA, HP, IBM Tivoli, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle and VMware.

Netuitive has an impressive customer list including Citi, FedEx and Wells Fargo. The Washington Business Journal shared a story of how Netuitive has helped companies with real-world problems: “Netuitive software alerted Priceline when an American Airlines route was getting 10 times the number of bookings as usual in just a matter of minutes. Priceline contacted the airline, which quickly determined that an employee inputted the cost of each leg of the trip incorrectly into a database, leaving off a zero.”

Predictive analytics is a hot topic right now, and Netuitive is using analytics to solve a real business problem. Erratic resource use, sudden spikes in activity and other signs of abnormal behavior are exactly the sort of problems automated monitoring systems should be better at detecting than humans. It’s a great application of predictive analytics, especially for organizations trying to simplify cloud environments.

klint finley