Many of our posts here on ReadWriteStart offer tips on launching your startup and insights on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

But as the saying goes, hindsight is often 20/20, and in that spirit we offer a round up of lessons learned from the month of April.

Build Customers, Not Just Products: Devver co-founder Ben Brincherhoff describes the dangers of emphasizing product development at the expense of customer development.

Respond Promptly to a PR Crisis: Blippy‘s response to a leak of customers’ credit card information points to the importance of responding quickly and correctly to potential public relations disasters.

Pay Attention to the Technical and the Business Aspects: Startups need to balance both the technical and business sides, as WePay co-founder Rich Aberman advises.

Retain Customer Trust: Responding to ongoing allegations about improprieties, Yelp lifted the veil on its review system, demonstrating the importance in being transparent and open in order to maintain both customer trust and company reputation.

Know When to Veer Off-Course: As Spark Capital” partner Bijan Sabet argues, it’s important to be nimble and know when to divert from the project roadmap.

Hire the Right Execs: This post looks at Ben Horowitz’s thoughts on how startups can be sure to put the right executives in place.

Have an Exit Strategy: Although the speculation continues about whether or not Foursquare plans to sell, discussions between the popular location-based service and Yahoo serve as a reminder that having an exit strategy can help you shape the direction of your business.

Although these posts document realizations entrepreneurs have had in hindsight, hopefully other entrepreneurs can learn from these lessons and use them to be better equipped for the future.

audrey watters