Dion Hinchcliffe announced this morning the sales of his successful practice to the Dachis Group, one of the largest services organizations in the field, focused on building social technologies in the enterprise.

In recent months, the advent of social technologies catered to the enterprise has shifted into high gear. Hinchcliffe said in an interview yesterday that the opportunities presented to Hinchcliffe & Company have scaled in the past few months.The Dachis Group will help meet those opportunities.

The Dachis Group, founded by Jeff Dachis in 2008, is well-known for its emphasis as a services firm focused on social technologies for large enterprise organizations. It is funded by Austin Ventures. The company has grown considerably in the past year, acquiring Headshift Technologies last September.

Hinchcliffe is undoubtedly one of the most well respected voices in Enterprise 2.0. He is the Enterprise 2.0 blog for ZDnet. He brings a unique understanding that comes from years as an information architect. He came early to the social Web movement in the enterprise. He picked up early on the concept of web-oriented architectures and what it means for the transformation of the enterprise.

Hinchcliffe had this to say today about the shift in our society and the enterprise:

“To the latter point, it’s almost a truism that focus is something that is hard to achieve in any organization on the emerging edge of business and technology. When Web 2.0 arrived on the scene in the middle of the decade, it was clear that something momentous was happening in our personal lives, but it was almost too large a change for most of us to easily digest. Now, much the same transformation has begun in our businesses. Back then I decided to immediately create a company to bring these ideas — and changes that accompany them — in the most positive possible way to enterprises around the world and I haven’t looked back.

The outcome was something most of you are now quite familiar with in the subject matter we explore in depth in our blogs, workshops, books, articles, speeches, and consulting practice: social software, cloud computing, open APIs, innovation, crowdsourcing, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM, and more. It is now increasingly clear that these ideas are all part of a macro set of trends and concepts that are changing the way we structure and operate our organizations today. Thus, as I stated in the press release, I believe that Social Business Design captures these ideas in a comprehensive approach that will be an essential foundation of next-generation enterprises.”

The significance of this news comes down to what we all are seeing happen in the enterprise. Social technologies represent a cultural shift in how we view our world. The changes to come in the next five years will be profound. Hinchcliffe and the Dachis Group will play an important role in that transformation.