The first peek at Apple’s new data center stoked much of the interest in our poll last week. We asked: “Why is Apple building a massive, $1 billion data center?” A total of 1,456 people responded.

This week is the RSA Conference, the largest security conference in the world. A major topic for discussion will focus on cloud computing security.

In anticipation of RSA, the Cloud Security Alliance has listed the top security threats to cloud computing. What do you think?

Last Week’s Poll: Why Is Apple Building a Massive, $1 Billion Data Center

Last week’s poll reflected the deep interest people have in Apple’s data center. Of the 1,456 people who responded, 53 percent of respondents agreed that there are several reasons for Apple’s massive data center. Top reason: To give Apple the ability to deliver its own content, followed by the belief that Apple will make iTunes an online application.

In our post, several people commented with their own speculations:

Tim Jones:

“Why is Apple building a massive, $1 billion data center? Because it’s playing catch-up to Google, Amazon, etc. No way anyone would trust Steve Jobs to store their stuff with him when he’d likely wake-up one day and decide to erase all the words that begin with the letter H in the data center, because he felt he didn’t like words that begin with the letter H that day.”

alex williams