Photo Tagger: Facial Recognition for Auto-Tagging Facebook Photos

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Earlier this year, a company called brought facial recognition technology to Facebook by way of an application called Photo Finder which scanned through untagged photos and identified the people within them. Now, using the same facial recognition algorithms that made Photo Finder possible, the company is introducing Photo Tagger, an app which scans through select online albums to automate the tagging process.

The two Facebook applications are very similar in nature. They both use the company’s facial recognition technology to match people with their pictures by way of a special algorithm called the “hybrid descriptor-based funneled” model. To the layperson, though, all that matters is that the technology makes facial recognition possible even in “everyday” photos – meaning photos taken from different angles, out-of-focus shots, photos in low lighting or those in which people are making odd facial expressions, etc.

About Photo Tagger

But where Photo Finder focuses on discovery, Photo Tagger focuses on productivity. With the new app, you can choose the albums to scan – whether your own or those belonging to your friends – and the app will process the photos they contain. Photo Tagger will batch the people it finds into groups and will then suggest tags for them. Once you confirm the tags, they’re automatically pushed to Facebook where the people tagged are notified, just as if the process had been done manually.

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