Diagram makers, rejoice. Today, Gliffy has released the newest version of their popular SaaS tool, and it’s got a whole new look.

Now, Gliffy and other Web-based offerings may not have really killed desktop options like Visio and Omnigraffle yet, but since its unveiling several years ago, it has made some big strides and captured a respectable chunk of the market.

What’s New

Driven in part by

direct feedback

from users, Gliffy has done a major redesign of the look and feel of the software.

Out of the fairly impressive list of customers, Gliffy sees a lot of use from development teams. Enhancements such as a brand new set for network symbols and revamped plugins for Confluence and JIRA should be particularly beneficial.

How It Stacks Up

Truth be told, there are still some better online diagram tools when it comes to mere looks;

Lovely Charts

in particular comes to mind. However, the new UI is definitely comparable to Visio and Omnigraffle in quality, and that’s what matters most for Gliffy’s current and potential users.