Watch All Network TV from One Place

Prime Time Rewind is a new web site that allows you to watch network TV for free online by using their web site. The shows that are played are identical to what the networks release on their own web sites, the only difference is that Prime Time Rewind aggregates them together in a unique way.

Prime Time Rewind presents you with a cube where each face represents a different network or a different genre of TV show. You can spin the cube around using either your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Spinning the cube one way will show you the networks, one per side: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, USA, and TNT. Spinning the cube the other way shows TV show genres: reality, drama, action, and comedy.

When you click on a show, the Control Panel opens and the episode will begin to play. From the Control Panel, you can see additional information about the show, add comments, rate shows, or share the show with your friends by sending them an email with a link.

It appears that some shows are coming from Hulu, so when you click on those, the embeddable Hulu player displays. For those not on the Hulu service, clicking the show takes you to the network’s web site and directly to the link where the video displays.

Prime Time Rewind users can also create a personal facet on the cube. On this facet, you can include favorite shows, videos from places like YouTube or any other RSS source of Internet video.

The site even claims that a sidebar widget will be coming soon, which will allow you to embed a customized widget into any web page or blog.

Of course the Founder and Chairman of Prime Time Rewind is Jeff Pulver, who also recently launched his own indie Internet TV channel,

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