The trouble with business trips is they play havoc with my blogging rhythms, so I’ve not been able to post much ‘professional’ content while I’ve been in the valley. But if you’ll bear with me, I’ve got some great stuff coming up. Including a re-design of Read/WriteWeb which I hope to go-live with soon.

In the meantime I’m currently sitting in Marc Canter’s living room, about to jet off to Seattle for the Gnomedex conference. Marc’s company Broadband Mechanics (which I do freelance work for) has just released People Aggregator and the team is busy at work with that right now. Below is a pic taken last night (by Paolo) of me inbetween two of PeepAgg’s development team, Ashish and Gaurav. It looks like we’re all hard at work, but actually I think we were just checking our email 🙂 But seriously, I know Ashish and Gaurav have been putting in a lot of hours on PeepAgg. More soon from me, once I reach Seattle….