Here’s the Top Ten web technology and new media memes, issues or news stories of the
past week.

1. Yahoo buys
. Yahoo! continues its buying spree of cool Web app companies, after also buying Flickr and konfabulator
this year. Bubblegeneration had a nice
: “Yahoo, I think, is rolling up social plays so it can basically do what I’ve
outlined as the dominant Media 2.0 strategy: vertically integrate across the 2.0 value
chain, with a focus on the edges.”

2. Amazon announced the Alexa Web Search
, which provides public access to Alexa data along with computing and storage
resources. I wrote about it here. Most bloggers
were bullish about the news, but it remains to be seen what third party services are
developed on top of Alexa’s platform.

3. FeedBurner makes
RSS interactive
, with FeedFlare. A big step towards delivering decent functionality and interactivity to RSS feeds.
It’s significant because RSS is a far more important content ‘container’ these days than

4. Structured
blogging arrives
, with two new plugins for WordPress and Movable Type. Phil Pearson
rounded upall theaction. Josh Porter also
had an interesting
, which prompted Bob Wyman of PubSub to
comment: “When Structured Blogging becomes the norm then we’ll have ‘the semantic

5. Tagworld takes on MySpace – TechCrunch
and Om Malik have the
details. In a nutshell, Tagworld is focusing on
music in an attempt to muscle in on MySpace’s market share.

6. Global Voices
Online Summit
. Dina Mehta provided excellent coverage on this truly global blogging event. Also see
a follow-up post from
Dina, in which she talks about how an Israeli and Palestinian blogger sorted out some issues
while at the summit. Inspiring stuff.

7. Google
releases a Music Search
, giving users links to song lyrics, music artists “popular in
the U.S.” and CD titles on the main search results page. Here is an example of a Google
music search on my favorite band, The
Velvet Underground

Ryan Stewart
, who works for the Learning Lab group at The Wharton School, wrote about
how the Web is changing education: “To me, Web 2.0 isn’t just about tagging and blogging,
it’s about really using the web to its fullest potential and changing whatever industry
you’re in. For us, it’s changing the way students experience learning in the

9. TechCrunch
thinks Writely is kicking a**. According to Mike,
Writely continues to lead
the pack
in online ajax word products.

10. Yahoo joined
with the Seven Network, one of Australia’s leading television and media
companies. Couple of interesting comments were left on my blog about that
deal. In yet more Yahoo news, they announced a partnership this week
with Six Apart to provide Movable Type hosting.

That’s a wrap for another week!