How Google Geeks Party: After-Hours Images from Google I/O

The Google I/O Developers Conference is hardly a button-down affair. Even during the day, attendees sport more T-shirts than ties, more shorts than suits. And at night, after the “serious” business is done, the 6,000 attendees take tech to its funky party extreme. Check out these images of the scene.

The Google I/O after-hours party was held in the same space as the keynotes earlier in the day. But the sober rows of chairs were replaced by high-tech spectacles, tech toys and gearhead games.

Entertainment was provided by Train and Paul Oakenfold, but besides the bars (complete with Android beer taps), there were plenty of other distractions and a host of noshables, including sloppy joes and tiny cupcakes.

Diversions included giant metal alligators, mechanical bull riding contests, giant roller balls and golf simulators, plus flying robot battles. Perhaps the artiest touch was a huge metal sculpture of a face, with individual control stations for various parts, from eyes to lips.

But the longest lines seemed to be for this Android-themed mini-golf course:


Other old-school amusements - including skee ball - were competing back-to-back with fancy flight simulators.

Of course, it wasnt’t all fun and games. This machine gun was placed ominously near a bunch of more mainstream video games.


All photos by Fredric Paul, taken with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone.