3scale Expands its API Manager Offerings

This week 3scale is increasing the breath of its services by adding three collections of APIs that it can handle with its API management platform. Until 3scale, companies needed to put their API infrastructure as a proxy layer in front of their CDNs, slowing if not completely disrupting the API provider quality of service, architecture and business model. The three collections include user management APIs for portals and integration with CRM services, billing APIs, and analytics for push and pull data analysis. These add to their existing traffic management APIs that have been used by Skype for nearly two years and other customers include Softonic and FullContact.

The company offers two different versions of its services. Free Connect can handle up to 10 million calls per day. There is also an enterprise paid version available for larger volumes and automatic failover and premium 24/7 customer support. Pricing starts at $2,500 per month and increases with volume.

Here is an article that we wrote last year about common API management mistakes. They compete with Mashery and others to have policies and rules for handling APIs. But you lose cost and controls. 3Scale has APIs for managing your APIs, as it were. If you have large data volumes you can manage this without having all the data flowing through 3Scale’s Web site, you can direct these calls to an appropriate infrastructure and scale it up as needed.

Documentation on the new services can be found here.

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