We just came across a new service which app developers are going to love: App.net, a site that lets you make customizable landing pages for your mobile application. Using simple templates, your landing page can feature a description, a mockup of a mobile phone with a rotating carousel of the app's screens, links to download the app on various app stores, social sharing buttons and links to your company's online presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

TechCrunch covered the launch of the new service yesterday, comparing it to an "About.me for apps." It's a great comparison. Like About.me, App.net is designed for those who need a simple and attractive website, but not an extremely detailed one with multiple pages or complex navigation. It's all that many app developers will ever need.

But the service isn't just about establishing a Web presence, it can also aid in tracking your marketing initiatives. Included is an analytics feature that tracks interactions with your landing page and your "download now" widgets in real time.


App.net is a freemium service at present, where the free plan supports developers with only one app. For 3 apps, it's $12/month, 7 apps is $22/month and 20 apps is $49/month. If you have more than 20 apps, you'll need to contact the company directly.

All plans include the analytics package and a domain name of app.net/yourapp. Currently, only iOS and Android apps are supported.

For developers looking for hosting or support for additional platforms, as well as marketing support and analytics, an alternative might be the third-party app store GetJar.com, which also offers Web-based widgets that can automatically detect the handset a visitor arrives from.