Mobile application search and discovery service Chomp just released its latest app search trends report, and tucked away in the data is promising tidbit for Android app developers to note. There has been a slight, 2% increase month-over-month in the number of paid applications downloaded on Android.

Paid Downloads Up on Android

Android still struggles with paid applications, of course. Chomp found that 95% of the downloads seen through its network were free in May, and only 5% were paid. However, that's 5% in May vs. just 3% in April - so, a small jump up.

The company further broke down the paid app downloads by price range, and found that the group with the largest number of paid downloads is the group containing the 99 cents apps (1.7%). The next highest group was the one where apps cost $2 or less (1.5%).

The paid app with the most referrals on Chomp was Beautiful Widgets (£1.99 or about $2.87), which goes to show that Android users are still very interested in phone customization.

Overall though, the most popular category on Android is Games.

iOS Paid App Downloads Decrease

Meanwhile, iOS saw a slight decrease in downloads during the same time, but only by a negligible 1%.

More trends are available in Chomp's complete report, here on Slideshare.