When Gmail Plug-ins Compete, Users Win: Rapportive Ups the Ante

Late last month Google launched a Gmail plug-in that looked an awful lot like popular startup service Rapportive’s sidebar CRM app – but with additional functionality from Google services like Calendar. What’s a little startup to do? Rapportive’s plan is apparently to move faster and adds more on top of what Google can do. That makes a must-have browser add-on even better.

Today Rapportive is announcing a big upgrade to its baked-in Twitter functionality. You can do so much Twitter stuff in the sidebar of your Gmail now! Check out the demo video below.

I’ve been testing this feature for the past week and it works really well. It works so well that I’ve hardly noticed it – it just feels natural. And if you haven’t tried tying your LinkedIn account to Rapportive, I highly recommend doing that too. Both are easy to do, just install the add-on, then click the Rapportive menu at the top of the page on Gmail and associate your social media accounts.

It’s been over a year now since I urged readers here to stop what you’re doing and go install this Gmail plug-in. The email CRM plug-in space is a crowded one, but all the competition is just making it better.

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