I doubt that Google has plans to bring its Chrome browser to the iPad anytime soon, but for fans of Chrome, there's a new app you might want to consider: iChromy.

The app has some of the look and feel of the Chrome browser. There are tabs at the top of the screen and an omnibox that'll let you perform searches as well as type URLs. There's also a little star on the side of the omnibox, just like Chrome, that lets you bookmark pages.

You can also save pages to read them offline and send pages to other third-party services, including Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, Instapaper, and Diigo. The latter service is key as this app is actually the creation of the bookmarking service Diigo, and for users of the site, the easy integration with one's saved bookmarks might be reason alone to use the new iPad browser.

iChromy isn't particularly feature-rich, and it's missing some elements that other iPad browsers have, including the ability to set a Web page to your home screen.

But if you're a fan of tabbed browsing, then you might be quite pleased with iChromy. The stability and speed of the app are pretty impressive. In order to avoid memory issues with having multiple tabs open, iChromy reloads tabs dynamically when you need to access them again.

The app is free, but Diigo says future releases of iChromy will have more advanced options that coincide with Diigo's own annotation and highlighting features, which are part of Diigo's premium bookmarking services.