Want to be able to wirelessly sync songs from iTunes to your Android smartphone? How about the ability to stream media from your Android to your Apple TV, Xbox or PS3? Popular Android syncing application doubleTwist has released an extension to its app that allows users to connect their smartphone to computer or media devices over WiFi.

AirSync is a paid extension to the free doubleTwist service that can be used to sync iTunes through a Mac or PC to your Android. The newest wrinkle is "Twist To" that streams media to an AirPlay connected device and turns phone into a remote control, according to the Digits blog at the Wall Street Journal.

DoubleTwist AirSync is one of the first Android applications that can take advantage of AirPlay-like functions. Expect more devices and services to come that will connect streaming media on Android phones to all sorts of Internet connected televisions. The idea of connecting your Android to anything you want could be quite disruptive, especially to Apple and its walled-garden approach to control of its products. AirPlay from your Android? That could be trouble.

AirSync also allows users' photos, videos and music to the phone from Mac or PC over WiFi.

The Digits blog says that the doubleTwist upgrade also has a feature where users can share a song or video with another user by tapping Android phones together. Kind of like Bump but with media. The tap will create a connection between the devices and media will be transferred over WiFi. So much for borrowing a CD from your friend and burning it to your computer. Now, when you ask a friend "what are you listening to?" they can just tap your phone and you will have it as well.

That is a lot of power packed into one a couple applications using the doubleTwist service. The doubleTwist desktop and mobile app is available for free while AirSync runs for $4.99 in the Android Market.