Node.js sponsor company Joyent launched a Node.js job board today.

The inaugral listings include jobs from Adservice, TWAR, Voxer and Yammer.

The board is powered by SimplyHired. It costs $350 to post a job for 30 days, but as part of the launch promotion you can post jobs for $100.

The interest in Node.js is extremely high, and this job board demonstrates that production use is starting to pick up.

If you've got Node.js skills, but don't see a job on that board for you, you might also be interested in Node.js Knockout, a 48 hour competition to write the best Node.js app. It's inspired by Rails Rumble. Node.js Knockout will take place Aug. 27-29 2011.

And if you don't know Node.js yet, check out full-text preview of Up and Running with Node.js.