Skype Launches Qik Video Connect iPhone App

Once a competitor of Skype, the video-streaming company Qik was acquired by the VOIP giant in January. But it appears this hasn’t ended the development of Qik’s live-streaming software, as Qik is launching a new iPhone app today.

Qik Video Connect offers video streaming and video calling – available for real-time viewing or recorded and sent as a video message. The app will also allow you to post live video links to Facebook and Twitter.

The app comes in two versions with two price tiers – Qik Video Connect and Qik Video Connect Plus. The latter costs $2.99.

The pro version offers HD video recording and includes additional features like filters and editing tools.

The live video chat will work between iPhones on Wi-Fi as well as on 3G, and the video messages can be shared to those not on the iPhone platform, making it a good alternative to Apple’s own video-calling app Facetime.

Despite the acquisition of Qik by Skype, it appears as though the video sharing app will retain its own name and branding. It’s an indication, nonetheless, that Skype plans on being active in video and mobile calling.

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