Each year Consumer Goods Technology, a trade publication for consumer goods companies, polls subscribers to identify which IT service providers provide the most value across 10 categories. It's recently released its 2011 results. To determine scores, "Participants were asked to identify the solution or service provider they currently use in each applicable category and rank the customer experience received using their chosen provider on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being extremely dissatisfied and 5 being extremely satisfied)." The rankings were determined by both the sheer number of votes for a particular vendor weighted against its customer experience ranking. CGT also recognized the companies with the highest average customer experience rating.

Here are the top vendors in each category, based on the adjusted ranking:

  • Supply Chain Planning: SAP
  • Supply Chain Execution: SAP
  • Enterprise Resource Planning: SAP
  • Customer Relationship Management: Microsoft
  • Trade Promotion Management: Oracle
  • New Product Development & Introduction: Microsoft
  • Business Intelligence: SAP
  • Demand Data Analytics: The Nielsen Company
  • Consulting: IBM
  • Outsourcing/IT Integration: IBM

Impressively, SAP scored either 1st or 2nd in seven categories.

The vendors with the highest average customer experience ranking, without regard for the total number of votes, were:

There was also a big list of editor picks.

CGT Research Advisory Board Member and Cognizant Vice President Steven Skinner comments on the results of the BI rankings:

ERP vendors have lined up specific BI tools and are now being considered top "BI" vendors. Who would have imagined SAP, years ago, being ranked the top BI vendor in 2010? In turn, the BI and platform vendors have links to ERP and focused on industry-specific solutions to make them more immediately relevant. Plus, SAS continues to run an independent path, coordinating with key partners such as Teradata for in-memory analytics, but also maintaining its role as the de facto standard for analytics.