It's been just over two months since Skyfire submitted its mobile browser to the App Store and today the app has been approved. The big to-do, of course, is that Skyfire brings Flash video to the iPhone and iPad by translating it into HTML5 video in real time.

When the company submitted the app in early September, they called it a "test of whether Jobs' 'thoughts on Flash' ban is actually political rather than technical". Today, it looks like the ban has fallen on the side of reason.

According to Apple Insider, the app will be available beginning Thursday morning for $2.99 and will offer iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users the ability to watch Flash video by way of real-time transcoding into HTML5. Notably absent will be Flash-based video site Hulu, which has banned the app on both iOS and Android.

According to an article on, Skyfire "isn't a standalone application, but rather a tool that works on top of Apple's Safari Web browser. As a result, the company said the app was given a rather rigorous review from Apple."

The app will only work for Flash video and not games, as it works by downloading Flash content to a server and translating it to HTML5, before sending it to the user.