More and more, we're logging into websites using our credentials from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo. But which one is leading in the battle of the third-party login? What login do we chose when it comes to entertainment sites like MTV? How about news sites like Reuters?

According to Gigya, a provider of tools for social sharing and third-party logins, Facebook leads the pack in all realms but one - news sites.

Looking at logins across all sites, Facebook is the clear leader. When we looked at similar statistics from Gigya last January, Facebook led by a factor of nearly two to one over Twitter and Myspace. Since then, Gigya has added a number of logins, and Facebook now leads by nearly three to one with 46% of all social network logins. The closest competitor across all sites is Google with 17%. Twitter follows behind Google with 14%, barely leading Yahoo's 13%.

The numbers switch around when we start breaking them down into different categories. Facebook becomes even more dominant, increasing to 52% when we look at entertainment websites, with Twitter and Myspace jumping into second and third place. For B2B websites, the distribution is a bit more even overall, with Facebook taking 37% of the pie and Google, Yahoo and Twitter all coming in with around 18%.

The one sphere that really sticks out, however, is the login we choose when it comes to the news. Of all the logins to news sites tracked by Gigya, 45% are completed using our Twitter credentials, with only 25% using Facebook and 16% using Google. The numbers seem to solidify our vision of Twitter as a network best used to quickly share links and "newsy" bits of information.

For the full results of Gigya's look at what logins we're using where, take a look at the full infographic on its website.

Images courtesy of Gigya.