Small Business Web Directory Launches at SXSW

Upon first glance we were skeptical. Generally when someone says they’re launching a business directory it’s an SEO play with little value to users. Nevertheless, the small business web directory is a pleasant surprise. The group is providing a variety of useful resources to help startups integrate services and scale up their internal operations.

Launched at last year’s SXSW, the small business web is a group of software as a service companies that have joined forces to offer cheaper services to clients. Companies like Batch Blue Software, Freshbooks, Mailchimp, Shoeboxed and Outright have been integrating APIs in order to help businesses flourish. This week’s launch will help startups stretch their dollars even further.

If you were fiddling with multiple platforms to manage your finance, human resources and analytics tools before, the directory can help you fix this through third party service integration. While a number of resource lists are available for accounting and domain management services, this collection is geared specifically towards productivity and life hacking. To check it out visit

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