The official Google blog just posted some interesting data about hot search trends early in election day and while there are a lot of important questions being asked by millions of people - several of the hottest queries are about getting free chicken, ice cream and coffee as a reward for voting.

Starbucks, Chikfila and Ben and Jerry's are all doing election-day giveaways and apparently those are among Americans' top priorities. Let's keep that in mind when the press reports on record turnout!

There are a lot of serious questions being asked about exit polls, when the results will be known, how the electoral college works and how to confirm that you'll be able to vote. Google also disclosed the hottest search trends over the last few months of election season, though, and we couldn't help but marvel that Tina Fey is the 4th most searched-for "political personality." She even beat out Joe Biden.

Last month during the Presidential debates we wrote about the way that Google is changing political elections unlike anything else ever has. The ability to fact check, research in depth and learn more quickly about topics on the fly, during Presidential debates, is really world-changing.

Sometimes it's good to zoom out a bit, though, and remind ourselves on this huge day in history: what the people want is chicken, ice cream and coffee. You can see the full list of today's fastest rising search queries here.