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Today has already had a flurry of announcements and news. Here's a brief wrap of them:

  • Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth was introduced by Gary Flake at the conference. It's an impressive 3D and photo analysis tool. Currently you can't upload your own photos, so it's more a showcase than a real product right now.
  • Yahoo has announced integration of their IM product with Yahoo Mail Beta. It will be a single interface, differentiating it from the Gmail and Gtalk integration (which can be a little awkward to use at times).
  • Zimbra announced new offline functionality, which enables you to access your email while on a plane, train, etc. Basically it's a local sync'd cache of the data, which allows you to search, tag, organize your data even without network access - and it syncs up when you go back online. To be honest, this would've come in handy at the Summit!! (where wifi has been spotty at best).
  • Sharpcast today introduced a new service code-named ‚ÄúHummingbird‚Ä?. It allows people to manage all kinds of file types - e.g. documents, photos, music and videos - across their computer hard drives, mobile devices and the web. This is a continuation of their long-term strategy to enable syncing of all media across devices and the Web.
  • ThinkFree, a Web Office suite provider, has launched ThinkFree Viewers - which allow Web services such as Coil (a virtual office application for work processing) to add office productivity functionality to their applications and Web sites.

I'll follow up with more substantial analysis a little later. It's been so hectic here and yesterday I was extremely fortunate to see Lou Reed playing live, courtesy of AOL at the after-dinner show! I'm still buzzing about that, as I'm a huge Velvet Underground fan. Anyway, more tech related stories coming soon :-)