This is a personal/work post, to explain one of my current projects Micro Media Corporation. It's a corporate blogging and podcasting program that aims to give business people insights into the Web20 and new media worlds. We're currently looking for more contributers for the blogging and podcasting, so if you're interested - please read on. Or if you don't want to read a self-promotion post, then move on to the next RSS feed in your aggregator :-)

The name of the program is TransMission and our target audience is management in media, technology or marketing. Transmission was conceived and is run by London-based The Rights Marketing Company. I run the blogging part of the program and have a stake in the company Micro Media Corp. The first major subscriber to TransMission is British Telecom.

Our target customers are probably already engaging with new Web and/or media technologies - but are looking for expert guidance, news and commentary on these topics. TransMission provides 3 blog bulletins every week (this may increase as more contributers come on board) and also regular podcasts. Topics are the kind of things you'd find on or, so it's a lot of fun to produce! There are also other initiatives as part of our program - explained in an introductory powerpoint which I'm happy to send to anyone interested.

So who are the initial contributers (i.e. bloggers/podcasters)? Well there's myself, Michael Bayler and Jonathan Lakin from The Rights Marketing Company, Scott Karp, Taewoo Danny Kim, David Stoughton (a UK consultant), Dan Grossman, Tom de Zengotita (author of the book 'Mediated'), plus other occasional contributers. We're looking to expand our contributer program - so if you're a thought leader in the Web20 and/or new media topics, then do send me an email. What's in it for you? We pay for blogging and podcasting contributions and there is a stock options program, but just as importantly there are networking opportunities and you'll raise your profile in the business community - especially as our customer base expands.

Also if you think your company may be interested in becoming a Transmission subscriber, please send me an email too.