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4 Effective Tools to Train Yourself Out of Anxiety for Good

4 Effective Tools to Train Yourself Out of Anxiety for Good

You’ve read countless articles on stress relief that tell you things like “breathe deeply” and “meditate.” While deep breathing and meditation have been proven to relieve anxiety, the moment you come out of meditation, you’re back in the real world and another bout of anxiety is just around the corner. If you looked hard enough, […]

stop customer churn

Best Ways to Stop Customer Churn Immediately

Every business faces churn. If your business is facing churn, you are not alone. But everyone deals with it differently. Some companies immediately look for new customers while some invest all their efforts in retaining existing ones. Customer churn is the number of customers who stop doing business with a company during a given period. […]

leader in startup tech

What Makes an Ideal Leader in a Startup Tech Company?

Arguably, some tech startups become successful simply because the idea is so unbelievably good that it’s practically fated to become a smashing success. But more often, the idea is only part of the equation. Successful tech startups also require the right balance of funding and initial momentum. They need a team of dedicated, passionate people. […]

education ai make us smarter

The Future of Education: Can AI Make Us Smarter?

Whether you realize it or not, AI has found its way into our daily life. The best examples are your smartphone’s virtual assistant and Netflix’s recommendation system. AI has also crept its way into education. Students use AI to improve their learning, while teachers leverage it for online assessment and identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses. […]

ai in pharmaceuticals

The Important Role AI Plays in the Future of Pharmaceuticals

One of the biggest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry right now is the high cost of developing a new drug and successfully bringing it to market. The process is long and costly — and goes against all the tenets of contemporary business acumen – which equate speed and cost-minimization to survival. Here are the important […]


Addressing Security Challenges in an IoT Dominated World

Adding connectivity with a degree of intelligence to household appliances gives rise to the Internet of Things (IoT). Integration of these inter-connected appliances, with our daily routine, inside our personal spaces, is resulting in smart homes, and the adoption is already exponential. Here is how we are addressing security challenges in an IoT dominated world. […]

quantum computing

Quantum Computing Will Always be Hybrid, and that Calls for Orchestration

The modern computing revolution was driven by the evolution of the central processing unit (CPU), which became smaller and more complex over time. That evolution culminated in the microprocessor, the dominant form of CPU today. Along the way, more specialized chips — graphical processing units (GPU), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and application specific integrated circuits […]

wearables covid

More than Just Fashion: Wearables in the Time of COVID-19

Wearable technology; you either love it or hate it. As the name suggests, it refers to any smart devices that can be worn in one fashion or another. While the first picture that may pop up in our heads is that of a super-stylish smartwatch, wearable tech can also be fitted into clothing items and, […]

How Specific Can Ad Targeting Get?

Targeted advertising is one of the most dominant forms of marketing and advertising on the planet, thanks in part to the support of modern technologies that make it relatively easy to target a specific audience. These days, it’s possible to display an ad to a hyper-focused demographic segment, increasing engagement rates and your return on […]

product release marketing

How to Create a Successful Product Release Marketing Plan

There’s always a new software or product launching in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced digital world and hoping to make traction. First impressions are extremely powerful, so it’s important to make a memorable impact. A successful product release marketing plan will capture your users’ attention and make a lasting impression. Potential users will not buy a product […]

business processes

Question Everything You Know about Your Business Processes

There may have been a time when an organization’s automation strategy was defined primarily by siloed, ad hoc, and task-based workflows. Now, however, the most effective and impactful initiatives require business leaders to ask bigger, more challenging questions beyond simply what tasks can be automated and the ROI on cost reduction. Here is how to […]