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Why Developers use Salesforce DX

One major headache of developers and development teams is the need to keep up with the inevitably changing business and market needs. Salesforce always tried to add on tools enabling a wider group of users than other platforms to administer the changes to their business applications. The objective of Salesforce tools is to empower the […]

cloud computing

The Cloud is the Future of Software Delivery

On-premises software installation is taking its final breath. In just a short time, the cloud will completely dominate the software delivery market. Why are cloud computing delivery models so definitively poised for domination? They are simply more effective — for the software provider and the customer — than any other delivery method available. The benefits and […]

augmented analytics

A Megatrend Set to Disrupt the Business World

Today we navigate our way across cities, pull up electronic tickets, purchase items, monitor our health, and, of course, stay connected with friends and family on our smartphones. The smartphone is one of those innovations that make us think,  “how did I ever function without it?” Smartphones revolutionized our personal lives, but there’s a megatrend […]


Why Libra Regulations Will Be Good for Cryptocurrencies

Facebook’s Libra landed with a splash. It’s since drifted into stormy waters. What Mark Zuckerberg might have seen as a simple way for his users to send and receive money online — governments and regulators have taken to a whole new level. Some have seen an evil plan to take over the world, or at […]

CCPA penalty

CCPA: Do the Penalties Fit the Crime?

CCPA goes into effect on January 1, 2020 and aims to protect California’s 39 million inhabitants against the ever-growing threat to privacy. The law will grant unprecedented power to individuals by giving them choice in regards to the collection, sale, and deletion of their private data. Despite being a state law, large, medium, and even […]

Machine Learning for Translation

Machine Learning for Translation: What’s the State of the Language Art?

A new batch of Machine Translation tools driven by Artificial Intelligence is already translating tens of millions of messages per day. Proprietary ML translation solutions from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are in daily use. Facebook takes its road with open-source approaches. What works best for translating software, documentation, and natural language content? And where is […]


G-Suite Tips to Make Workplace Collaboration Less Frightening

Given the benefits of better collaboration, why do some employees embrace it, while others do not?  Companies clearly recognize the potential for collaboration to significantly impact productivity and innovation. Many businesses have adopted tools and technologies that enable and encourage collaboration across their organization. Here are G-Suite tips to make workplace collaboration less frightening. G-Suite […]

7 Ways AI is Helping Doctors Diagnose and Treat Cancer

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about cancer? Did you say “Death?” If you did, you are right. According to the World Health Organization report, 20% of males and 17% of females develop cancer during their lifetime, and 12.5% of males and 9% of females die from the […]

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WireGuard: A Breakthrough in Online Security

It was almost two decades ago that VPN industry saw an upgrade in the tunneling protocols. The upgrade came in the form of OpenVPN, an open-source protocol that dominates the market to this day. I feel that with the development of WireGuard some significant progress and a breakthrough in online security has occurred. WireGuard is […]

AI threat to jobs

Is AI Really a Threat to Traditional Jobs?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most popular buzzwords in the IT industry today. It’s boosted the confidence of tech pundits but also instilled fear in the hearts of the salaried professionals and small business owners. Some businesses believe that AI technology is coming after their jobs and companies. However, what’s the ground […]

productivity at work

Productivity at Work — it is Possible

What is the one thing that connects millions of workers around the world? It is the desire to have more productivity at work, work fewer hours, and stay on top of all projects. But is this wish truly attainable? Productivity at work — it is possible. Basically – “Life is too complicated not to be […]

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Interviews with Media Buying Experts – Ryan of Advida

Welcome to Part Three in a series of interviews with media buying experts providing helpful strategies for smarter media buying. Part One covered general media buying strategies from Userbase, and Part Two included Facebook ad buying with YellowHammer. In Part Three, we’re covering a less understood channel, Native Advertising. Here is media buying experts with […]

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How to Cultivate the Skill of Being a Creative Leader

Effective leadership requires you to be tenacious, bold, persuasive, and integrous — to name a few key attributes. Successful leaders are also some of the most creative people in business. They’re the ones who notice resourceful and imaginative solutions and inspire teams and companies to move forward and innovate. Here’s how to cultivate the skill […]

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Recovering from Business Difficulties; Resilient SEO

Building a resilient workforce should be among a company’s top priorities. You can create a resilient workforce by ensuring that the company gets to keep its talented and reliable employees. These are your employees who can perform well even under pressure. A dependable workforce keeps the company intact, ensuring its survival and staying power for […]