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5 Real Estate Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in 2020

Of all investment offerings, real estate is currently the most stable and one of the most attractive. That has been the case for as long as anyone can remember. The real estate industry generates relatively good profits year after year. Real Estate is the ideal investment option for the aging population, as well as the […]

Is Technology Artificially Engineering Panic?

In recent years, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of public panic in response to a variety of events, including natural disasters, pandemics, and even basic social concerns. When news breaks of some new threat or danger, people react very strongly—sometimes limited to aggressive posts on social media, and sometimes manifesting in grocery stores, with emptied shelves […]

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace the Role of Doctors?

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has increased rapidly. Not only does it play a role in the field of entertainment and communication, but the future traces of AI in the area of health and life begin to be seen. In some countries, AI is integrated into sophisticated analytical tools to help doctors in […]

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Why Facebook’s User Agreement is Still Problematic

Watching Mark Zuckerberg try to explain Facebook’s role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal was a powerful wake-up call for many Americans that led to several privacy changes by Facebook and other platforms. Facebook updated its terms of service for the first time in years, attempting to use simple language that anyone could understand. But did a few […]

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Rise of Scams After Coronavirus Outbreak 

Due to the surge of Coronavirus victims worldwide, scammers and hackers are availing this golden opportunity to scam people. The hackers (including a cough) and scammers are always ready to pounce. Her is the rise of scams after the coronavirus outbreak. Find and follow the correct and real sources of information. More than 9,389 death […]

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Technology Trends to Follow in 2020 – Infographic

A brand new year and brand new business strategies. In this highly competitive market environment, it has become inevitable to stay consistently updated. If your business lacks in a certain aspect, it is bound to fall behind in the prevailing competition. Here are the technology trends to follow in 2020 and beyond. There’s always a […]

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Coway Aquamega: A Smart Water Purifier

Since I tried the Coway Airmega and found it beneficial for purifying our home and office air, it influenced me to then see how Coway tackled water purification with its Coway Aquamega. Here’s my review of Coway’s smart water purifier. A Smart Water Purifier The Coway Aquamega 200C is an electric water filtration system that […]

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The Future of Charging in Public Spaces

If you feel a bit worried when the battery of your mobile phone runs low, you are not alone. A recent City University study shows that battery life has a significant impact on people’s anxiety level and their behavior. A Wired article summarizes this well: “when smartphones start dying, people get weird: they head home […]

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Coway Bidetmega 400: TP Shortage is Not a Problem

After enjoying Coway’s other products, which I have previously reviewed, including the Airmega and Aquamega — I thought I would try their Bidetmega 400. With recent world events and panic purchases of toilet paper during the Coronavirus pandemic, trying out their bidet might not have come at a better time. Here’s my review of Coway’s […]

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5 Ways Technology is Transforming the Real Estate Industry

As the Internet becomes more ingrained in every facet of our work and personal lives, industries that primarily rely on person-to-person interactions have started to adopt new technology. Adopting new technology allows companies to free up valuable time and resources for future development. Here are five ways technology is transforming the real estate industry. Some […]

ZUUM hover shoes

ZUUM Shoes: Hover Shoes Offer New Way to Get Around

As an avid watcher of “Shark Tank,” I was enthralled with one of the latest unique products to hit the market: ZUUM tech hover shoes. The gadget enthusiast in me was excited to get my hands on a pair of these hover shoes and hit the streets. Here’s what I discovered when reviewing ZUUM shoes. […]

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Why the Future of Work Could Still Find You Unprepared

While the employee has been preparing for a shake-up in the workplace, the organization has remained under the illusion of safety. Many organizations are seemingly complacent and believing that things will only get better for them. The Human Development Report 2015: Work for Human Development pointed out how globalization and advancement in technology are influencing […]

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Since its invention in the late 1960s, memory foam has risen in popularity. Now, it’s one of our favorite mattress types. That’s no surprise—it has tons of benefits, including support, pressure relief, comfort, and durability. If you’re considering a new memory foam mattress for your home, we can help. In this guide, we cover our […]

Omni Pixel Eyewear

Omni Pixel Eyewear: Designer Computer Glasses

Computer glasses have provided many computer users with welcome relief for their eyes after spending countless hours on the computer for work or gaming. During optometry visits, I would inquire about the cost of purchasing an additional pair of prescription glasses just to use while I worked on the computer.  The costly price was a […]