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IoT and Personalization: A Marriage Made in Heaven

Who doesn’t want insane traffic and qualified leads for their business? If you want a sure-shot tip to engage customers on your website, here it is: Understand the customer’s journey. Everything kicks off in the right direction if you understand the intention of the customer. The customer of today is intelligent regarding what to buy […]

surveillance and smart cities

Surveillance at the Heart of Smart Cities

Today’s cities are living entities. They develop, grow and become more complex over time. Yet, many of their most pressing issues, such as the need for utility improvements and monitoring crime, remain the same. Like never before, city officials have the capabilities to implement analytics technology. But surveillance will be at the heart of smart […]

Is Cloud-Hosted Data Really More Secure?

Is Cloud-Hosted Data Really More Secure?

Whether you’re looking for a cloud-based storage app to upload and organize your personal photos or you’re seeking a platform where you can manage user data on behalf of your tech company, you’ve likely heard promises that cloud-hosted apps are inherently more secure than storing data on your own local servers. Cloud computing certainly has […]

Hybrid cloud computing

Hybrid Cloud Solutions – The Future of Enterprise IT

Cloud computing is a technological revolution in progress and has been emerging as one of the most reliable paths for business innovation. Facilitating businesses to be more agile and responsive to the dynamic conditions and opportunities; cloud computing propels productivity growth and widens profit margins. Hybrid cloud solutions are the future of enterprise IT. The […]

Iot and mobile app development

IoT and Mobile App Development are Affecting Each Other

If I had to guess the number of apps that are invented every day, the obvious answer would be “I don’t know.” But if I had to guess, the latest technology which is being integrated into mobile apps, then that right answer brings numerous business opportunities and technological innovations. IoT and mobile app development are […]

3 Ways Video Technology Can Improve Patient Safety in Healthcare

3 Ways Video Technology Can Improve Patient Safety in Healthcare

In the world of healthcare, patient safety and well-being are primary concerns. And while hospitals and healthcare facilities have hundreds of resources available at their disposal, video has quickly become one of the most effective and trusted tools. The Power, Appeal, and Utility of Video All five of our human senses are valuable and useful. […]

secure your website

Website Security: How to Keep Your Website Safe in 2019

One of the most important topics to discuss when the online realm is concerned is definitely online security. While an average online consumer probably doesn’t sweat too much about this issue, online business owners and website owners are definitely the ones that should. As a business owner, your top priority should be cratering a safe […]

time for business to get AI

Why Now is the Time for Marketers to Embrace AI

Across industries, forward-looking businesses embrace AI as an opportunity to become more efficient and harness a multitude of data at their disposal. IDC predicted that business spending on AI/ML would grow from $12 billion in 2017 to $57.6 billion by 2021. The businesses that thrive in this new, AI-centric world will be those that make […]

How to Tame Artificial Intelligence

How to Tame Artificial Intelligence: A Brief Guide for Business

The use of artificial intelligence in business is gaining popularity. According to SAS, 80% of companies from different industries expect that AI will significantly affect their activities over the next five to 10 years. Fiery enthusiasm can slightly cool when there is a lack of organizational readiness. Some businesses have had their doubts about adapting […]

Customer Experience Led by Productivity

Customer Experience Led by Productivity

Many large companies approach improving its customer experiences differently. Most common approaches come from the perspective of customer support solutions, user experience design, and account management. While these pathways are vitally important, more businesses could benefit from looking at customer experience through the lens of productivity. The bottom line is when you think about agile […]