Best Craps Strategy Guide – Expert Tips for Maximum Wins

Craps may be one of the best games in terms of house edge and odds, but since it is chance-based, it doesn’t guarantee continuous wins. No matter the house edge of just 1.36% for Don’t Pass Line. It’s still a house edge.

For this reason, you must familiarize yourself with the game rules, the bets with the best odds, and different betting strategies to have a profitable gaming session.

In this article, we’ll cover the best craps strategies aimed at beginners and experienced players and tell you all the aspects you must consider before rolling the dice.

Choosing a Craps Strategy: Where To Start?

Playing this game is not solely about choosing the winning craps strategy and the right online casino to play at. There are a plethora of other factors that can help you prepare and which may also influence the path you’ll follow strategy-wise. Therefore, remember to:

Check Your Budget

Whether a beginner or a veteran player, every craps table strategy will require you to secure a healthy bankroll. Evaluate your budget, and decide what proportion of your funds you are willing to devote to multiple sessions. Experts suggest that 5-10% of your income should be allocated to entertainment and no more than 30%. Once you’ve set the budget, don’t deviate from it.

Try growing your bankroll by using your winnings. When you secure a win, split it — one part goes into your pocket and the other to the bankroll.

Don’t forget that some real money craps strategies are progressive and will require you to increase your wagers as you play. With a solid bankroll and proper money management, your funds are bound to grow.

Define Your Goals

Before you start playing craps at online casinos define your goals and why you want to play this game. Set easily achievable goals for each gaming session, such as learning how all the bests work or testing a particular betting strategy. Discover your motifs and what it is about this game that makes you spend hours at the craps table.

Understand Your Risk Level

Playing craps is gambling, and gambling is always a risk. This is why you must have a thorough understanding of the game and its bets so that nothing can surprise you. Some bets are more lucrative than others in terms of payouts, but the risk of losing is higher.

For example: the Hardways props offer payouts like 10/1 for Hard 6 and 8, but the Return to Player percentage for those bets is not above 90%. Analyze them and decide whether the potential winnings they offer are worth your time and money.

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Various Craps Strategies for Every Player

After mastering how to play craps, it is time to learn what craps betting strategies you can implement in your gameplay. They will not only help you increase your profit potential but also reduce the house edge, make smart bets, and manage your bankroll.

craps strategy

Additionally, not all craps strategies suit all players. Some are aimed at beginners, while others are more suited for intermediate and advanced players. We’ll discuss each of them in more detail below.

Craps Pass Line Strategy

Craps pass line bet is the most fundamental bet and an ideal craps strategy for beginners because it is easy to understand and has excellent odds. The house edge of this bet stands at 1.41%, and since it pays out even money (1:1), it is the fastest way to bolster your winnings.

To make this bet, you must put your chips on the Pass Line area of the table. Then, the shooter rolls the dice, and if their come out roll lands on 7 or 11, you win. On the flip side, if the shooter throws 2, 3, or 12, you lose.

craps strategy

In the case of any other number, that number becomes a point, and the shooter continues to roll. Your Pass Line bet will win only if they establish a point before they seven out.

Craps Don’t Pass Strategy

If you want to leverage craps Don’t Pass strategy, it means you place a wager against the shooter. It’s perfect for online gambling because it tends to be an unpopular move at land-based casinos. This bet also pays out even money, and its house edge is 1.36%. 

This is the opposite bet from the Pass Line bet, and it begins by placing the chips on the Don’t Pass area of the craps table. With this method, you’ll win if the shooter rolls 2 or 3. If they roll 7 or 11 on a come out roll, your bet loses.

If any other number rolls, it becomes a point. Number 12 is the exception, as it results in a push, meaning no one wins or loses, and you’ll get your bet back. Unlike the previous bet, you’ll win if the shooter throws 7 before they establish a point (rolls the exact same number).

Craps Come Bet Strategy

You can also resort to craps come bet strategy when playing this exciting game. Come bet has the same house edge and payout odds as the Pass Line bet, but it is made by placing the chips above the Field area of the craps table.

craps strategy

This bet is made after the shooter establishes a point on a come out roll, and you win if they throw 7 or 11 on the next roll. If the shooter throws any other number, such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, this will become your personal point. This point, together with the original one, gives you a double chance of winning.

If the rolled numbers on the table are 2, 3, or 12, you lose. It’s worth noting that you cannot remove the Come or Pass Line bets but must wait for them to play out.

Don’t Come Craps Strategy

Don’t Come craps strategy is another bet you can place after the point has been established on a come out roll. It is similar to the Don’t Pass wager, as they both have the same odds and payouts. All you must do is put your chips on the Don’t Come bar of the table.

If 2 or 3 are thrown on the next roll, your bet pays out. Conversely, you’ll lose on a 7 or 11. If a shooter scores 12, this results in a push, and nobody wins.

Craps Odds Strategy

Craps Odds Strategy is an intermediate strategy that involves laying the odds, meaning that you must bet against the shooter and the players. This means you wager that the shooter will throw 7 before rolling a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. You must remember that this bet can be made only after a point has been established.

craps strategy

The great thing about this strategy is that there is no house edge because the odds of landing these numbers are statistically fair. However, the payouts are lower when laying the odds — 4 and 10 pay 2:1, 5 and 9 pay 3:2, and 6 and 8 pay 6:5.

Craps Press Strategy

This is another intermediate craps strategy, which is also known as the Press-and-Pull method. Craps Press Strategy means that you increase your bets while on a winning streak. The point of this bet is to earn significant amounts of money by using the winnings and investing the minimum funds.

This progression betting method implies that you add one unit to the bet every time you win. In other words, you alternate between pressing the place bet when the number wins and pulling your profits after the bet hits four times.

For instance: you want to make a place bet on number 5, which has a payout odds of 7:5. You place a $5 wager, and if the dice land on 5, you’ll get $7. With this method, you’ll keep $1 and then push the bet to $12. If 6 throws before the point is established, you’ll earn $14. Again, you’ll keep $4 and increase your wager to $30, and so on, until the fourth winning roll is made.

The 6/8 Craps Strategy

The 6/8 craps strategy is one of the most popular bets at craps tables among intermediate-skilled players. The reason for that is because 6 and 8 statistically have the second-greatest odds of being rolled (besides 7).

6/8 is also a progression betting strategy where you place a bet on either 6 or 8, hoping that the shooter will hit one of these two numbers before 7. If the dice hits 6 or 8, you pull the profit and wager again. However, if the bet loses, they place it again but increase the bet amount.

This bet has a 9.01% house edge, which is higher than in most other casino games, let alone craps. Since players can sometimes go on long losing spells, it’s best to place this bet with money you’re comfortable losing.

Iron Cross Craps Strategy

If you are an experienced player who wants to up the ante on their gameplay, the Iron Cross craps strategy is for you. It involves a combination of a Field and Place bet. It is more profitable compared to other strategies but is riskier and more aggressive.

You can deploy it after a come out roll and once the point is established. Here, wagering is possible on any number except 7. You can place the Field bet (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12) and Place bet (5, 6, or 8) and predict that any of these numbers will hit before 7. The best thing is that you can put different amounts on several numbers at once.

Iron Cross strategy is for those who like to take risks and are fond of more frequent wins. However, remember that 7 is the most frequently rolled number in craps.

The 3 Point Molly Craps Strategy

3 Point Molly Craps Strategy is another advanced betting system in craps aimed at players with big bankrolls and those who are comfortable with placing maximum odds on multiple bets. With it, you must make three wagers — on Pass Line, Come, and Place bet on number 5. 

This casino craps strategy starts with you putting your money on the Pass Line. Once the point has been set, the second stage begins. Then, you wager the maximum odds on the point and include the Come bet as well. If the shooter throws a number (which is not 7, 11, or the point), this will turn into your personal second point, and you can move to the third stage.

Next, put your money on another Come bet with maximum odds. If the shooter hits a number that is not 7, 11 or the two numbers you have wagered on already, another point is established, and you can proceed to the next bet.

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Cheat Sheet for Craps Payouts

If you are unsure how to start playing craps, what all those markings on the table mean, and which bet to place in which situation, this is where the craps strategy chart comes into play. This cheat sheet can be beneficial to both beginners and advanced players.

When playing craps, a cheat sheet can prove helpful for checking odds and payouts for specific bets because there’s no need for you to memorize all this information. Over time, you’ll become more confident and use the chart less and less.

Below is the table displaying craps odds, payouts, and house edge for bets suitable for all experience levels.

Craps Bet House Edge Payouts Odds True Odds
Pass Line 1.4114% 1:1 251 to 244
Don’t Pass 1.360% 1:1 976 to 949
Come Bet 1.4114% 1:1 251 to 244
Don’t Come Bet 1.360% 1:1 976 to 949
Pass Line Odds
4 or 10 4.76% 2:1 2:1
5 or 9 4.76% 3:2 3:2
6 or 8 4.76% 6:5 6:5
Don’t Pass Odds
4 or 10 2.44% 1:2 1:2
5 or 9 3.23% 2:3 2:3
6 or 8 4.0% 5:6 5:6
Place Bets
4 or 10 6.7% 9:5 2:1
5 or 9 4.0% 7:5 3:2
6 or 8 1.52% 7:6 6:5
Field Bets
3, 4, 9, 10, 11 5.5% 1:1 /
2, 12 5.5% 2:1 /

Top 6 Craps Betting Strategy Tips

You can always improve your craps strategy with a few additional tips in mind. Even though these suggestions won’t make you a pro overnight, you can use them to enhance your craps online strategy and skills. Thus, consider adding these to your arsenal:

Choosing the Right Craps Game

Nowadays, you’ll find scores of game developers launching their own craps games. The rules of such variations are essentially the same, but each vendor typically adds some twists to make the game more appealing and innovative.

Test as many craps games as you need to find the one that suits you best. Conduct online research, learn the game’s rules, and check whether there are any additional requirements in the T&C.[/light_list_how_to_item]

Manage Money in Craps

What’s the use of your most profitable craps strategy if you haven’t learned how to manage your funds properly? Don’t follow a losing streak, as it will only drain your bankroll. Money management should also be part of your best strategy for craps.

For instance, establish a win target before a session and leave when you accomplish it.[/light_list_how_to_item]

Follow Your Craps Strategy

Don’t quit the craps strategy just because you ended up on the losing side. Instead, continue following it to determine whether it pays off. Even better, test the same strategy on different craps games. One or two attempts at it won’t give you an accurate idea of how it works.

Know When to Quit

It’s never a good idea to chase your losses, and it’s essential to know when to leave the table. Don’t get swept up in the game by winning excitement, and quit even if it affects your craps strategy. After all, you can never be a winner if you are greedy and don’t learn to walk away with even a slight profit.

Watch Out for Minimum or Maximum Bet Limits

Offshore online casinos impose varying minimum and maximum bet limits to cater to both low and high rollers. It gives you the freedom to opt for the game that suits your budget. However, if you are a newbie, pick the tables with lower minimum bet limits. As a result, you’ll ensure your bankroll will last for several sessions.

Practice with Free Online Craps Games

You won’t be able to find live craps for free, but some online casinos have free RNG variants available to everyone. This is an excellent way for new players to get first-hand experience of the game without spending a dime, but experienced players can hone their strategies for craps as well.

Additionally, you can leverage bonuses and promotions, especially no deposit ones, the casinos have to try out the craps games.

Looking for More Casino Strategy Tips?

Below, you’ll find strategies for online casino games that will help you improve your gameplay.

What is the Best Strategy for Craps?

Craps Pass Line strategy is among the best and most-used techniques for playing this game. After all, it’s a numbers game, and that’s why players opt for it. This strategy offers a low house edge (1.41%) and pays even money (1:1). It can also be combined with other bets, allowing players to tailor their best mathematical craps strategy. On top of that, the Pass Line has simple rules everyone can grasp.

Seven and 11 are your best friends, and if the shooter hits them, you win. Scoring 2, 3, or 12 will send you to a losing position, while 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 establish a point. If the shooter throws another point before 7, you can scoop the win.

Remember that the outcome of the craps game depends on luck, and you can’t affect it in any way, regardless of your strategy. Nobody can promise you wins, and you should approach the game as entertainment and look for bets with the best odds.


  • House edge a mere 1.41%
  • Can be combined with other strategies and bets
  • Easy-to-understand and master


  • Vulnerability to number 7

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Responsible Gambling

The online casino industry must advocate responsible gaming practices to prevent problem gamblers from developing adverse consequences, which can lead to financial hardship and social problems.

Setting daily, weekly, and monthly limits is a crucial part of practicing responsible gambling. If you need help, you can also seek support from family and friends and treat gambling as entertainment. You can also seek advice from support groups or reach out to anti-gambling organizations, such as:

Additionally, feel free to call 1-800-GAMBLER if you are struggling with problem gambling.


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