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10 Best Anonymous Crypto Wallets for 2024

Some Bitcoin wallets allow users to store crypto anonymously. Access is non-custodial, meaning users have full control and authority over their coins. No account or personal information is needed – ensuring a private experience.

Read on to learn more about anonymous crypto wallets, which providers stand out, and what best practices should be implemented to avoid common mistakes.

Top Anonymous Crypto & Bitcoin Wallets

The list below showcases the 10 best anonymous crypto wallets for investors:

  1. Best Wallet – The Overall Best Anonymous Wallet for 2024
  2. Zengo – One of the Most Secure Crypto Wallets for Mobile Users
  3. Exodus – A Great Option for Diversification With 50+ Supported Networks
  4. ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 – Top-Rated Hardware Wallet With Air-Gapped Security
  5. Ledger Nano X – Pocket-Size Cold Storage Wallet Supporting 5,500+ Cryptos
  6. Trezor Model One – Budget-Friendly Hardware Wallet for Storing Bitcoin and Ethereum
  7. OKX Wallet – Multi-Device Web 3.0 Wallet With MPC Security and Token Swaps
  8. Bybit Wallet – Earn Airdrops, Tokenized Rewards, and Other Perks When Completing Tasks
  9. Blockstream Jade – Trusted Bitcoin Wallet Device With 3FA Security Features
  10. NGRAVE – Premium Cold Wallet Aimed at Investors With Large Crypto Balances

Reviewing the Best Anonymous Crypto Wallets

Now let’s take a closer look at the leading anonymous Bitcoin wallets. Our impartial reviews cover everything investors need to know – including privacy and security features, supported coins, compatible device types, and pricing.

1. Best Wallet – The Overall Best Anonymous Crypto Wallet for 2024 

Best Wallet reviewBest Wallet is our top pick for storing crypto coins anonymously. This non-custodial wallet offers a private experience from the get-go. No account, personal information, or contact details are needed. Just download and install the Best Wallet app for iOS or Android. 

Users must initially choose a PIN and set up biometrics. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is also supported; users are strongly advised to activate it. Best Wallet doesn’t collect IP addresses and VPNs are welcome. Users can send and receive funds without third-party authorization. The wallet comes with a QR scanning feature for additional convenience.

Best Wallet review

Best Wallet currently supports three blockchain networks; Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon. Custom tokens from each network can be added manually. Bitcoin support will be added in the coming months. Best Wallet also offers a fiat on-ramp service, meaning users can buy extra crypto coins with a debit/credit card.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
Best Wallet Software Free Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon Determined by the on-ramp provider Yes Anonymous token swaps / Fiat on-ramp service / Users can add custom tokens


  • One of the best anonymous crypto wallets with no KYC
  • Comes as a user-friendly app for iOS and Android
  • Secured via biometrics and 2FA
  • Send and receive coins without third-party authorization
  • Private keys are safely stored on the user’s smartphone


  • Doesn’t offer desktop software
  • Currently doesn’t support the Bitcoin network

2. Zengo – One of the Most Secure Crypto Wallets for Mobile Users 

Zengo reviewZengo offers the perfect balance between convenience and security. Available as a mobile app for iOS and Android, Zengo comes packed with safety features. This includes Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology, which ensures private keys aren’t vulnerable to remote hackers. 

There is no single point of failure, as keys are segmented and stored on multiple servers. Each server is independent from the next, meaning security breaches are almost impossible. And, if you lose the smartphone containing the Zengo app – your funds are still safe. Recovery takes minutes via multi-factor authentication.

Zengo wallet review

This includes an email confirmation, accessing a unique file on the cloud, and facial biometrics. Zengo offers a user-friendly experience and the app is free. Supported networks include Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Dogecoin. Zengo also connects with decentralized applications, such as OpenSea, Aave, and Uniswap.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
Zengo Software Free Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism Determined by the on-ramp provider Yes MPC security / No seed phrase vulnerability / Connects with decentralized applications


  • One of the best anonymous Bitcoin wallets for security
  • Keys are segmented and stored on multiple servers
  • Easily recover access via multi-factor authentication
  • Supports some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy – including Bitcoin
  • Offers a user-friendly experience from the get-go


  • The Solana network isn’t supported
  • Doesn’t directly offer staking services

3. Exodus – A Great Option for Diversification With 50+ Supported Networks

Exodus logoExodus is one of the best anonymous crypto wallets for diversified portfolios. It supports over 50 blockchain networks – including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Solana, and BNB Chain. This means investors can store all their crypto coins in one safe location, rather than managing multiple wallets.

Another benefit is that Exodus is suitable for desktop and mobile users. The latter includes a mobile app for iOS and Android. The desktop software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Exodus also offers a browser extension and connects with hardware wallets like Trezor. All supported wallet applications are free to use.

Exodus wallet review

The main drawback of Exodus is that security features are limited. Exodus users must follow best practices – such as avoiding clicking suspicious links and connecting to unknown Web 3.0 applications. Additional features include a fiat on-ramp service, support for NFT investments, and a customizable portfolio dashboard.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
Exodus Software Free Over 50 networks including Bitcoin, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Monero, and Dogecoin Determined by the on-ramp provider Yes Multi-device wallet / Supports over 50 networks / Customizable portfolio dashboard


  • Established wallet for desktops, mobiles, and browser extensions
  • Supports crypto coins from over 50 networks
  • Customizable portfolio dashboard supporting local currencies
  • Additional features include a fiat-on ramp and staking
  • Completely free to use


  • Doesn’t offer 2FA security controls
  • Swap fees are opaquely built into the exchange rate

4. ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 – Top-Rated Hardware Wallet With Air-Gapped Security

ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 is one of the best anonymous crypto wallets for cold storage. This means the private keys are stored within the hardware device and never exposed to internet connections. ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 has also implemented air-gapped security for enhanced peace of mind.

This means other network connections are blocked – such as Bluetooth and USB cables. Wallet movements are authorized via a QR code, generated by the ELLIPAL app when setting up transactions. The QR code is scanned with the ELLIPAL device. As such, unauthorized access is all but impossible, making ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 the best option for safety.

ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 review

That said, ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 isn’t cheap – wallets retail for $169 plus shipping fees. Moreover, while in-built staking tools are available – just five coins are supported. Nonetheless, we like that ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 is compatible with 41 networks, ranging from Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum to BNB Chain, Cardano, and Dogecoin.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 Hardware $169 plus shipping fees 41 blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Ripple, and BNB Chain Determined by the on-ramp provider Yes Air-gapped security / 41 supported networks / Ideal for long-term cold storage


  • Top anonymous cryptocurrency wallet for safety
  • Offers cold storage and air-gapped security
  • Ideal for storing large balances or holding long-term
  • Supports the best meme coins to buy – including Dogecoin


  • Shipping can take up to 15 business days
  • $169 might be too expensive for some investors

5. Ledger Nano X – Pocket-Size Cold Storage Wallet Supporting 5,500+ Cryptos   

Ledger Nano logoLedger Nano X is a popular hardware wallet that’s ideal for long-term investors. It supports more than 5,500 cryptos from the leading network ecosystems. This includes everything from Bitcoin, Solana, and Ripple to Cardano, Avalanche, and Ethereum. 

Ledger Nano X – which retails for $149, is simple to set up. Users must choose a PIN and write down the 12-word passphrase. The selected PIN is required when transferring coins to another wallet. Users can easily recover their coins if the device is lost, damaged, or stolen. Just download a software wallet and enter the 12-word passphrase.

Ledger Nano X review

Another feature is the Ledger Live app for iOS and Android. This enables users to swap tokens anonymously – without needing a crypto exchange. Ledger Live also supports fiat services, meaning you can buy crypto with a debit/credit card. This top-rated wallet is also ideal for earning staking rewards – including Ethereum and Solana.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
Ledger Nano X Hardware $149 including shipping Dozens of blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin, Cardano, and Ripple Determined by the on-ramp provider Yes Secure cold wallet storage / Supports 5,500+ cryptos / Comes with a user-friendly app


  • Pocket-size hardware wallet offering cold storage
  • Trusted by more than 6 million investors
  • Supports thousands of cryptos from the most popular networks
  • Outgoing transactions are authorized by a PIN
  • Backup recovery is simple via the 12-word passphrase


  • Token swap fees are high
  • Not suitable for users who actively trade crypto

6. Trezor Model One – Budget-Friendly Hardware Wallet for Storing Bitcoin and Ethereum  

Trezor logoTrezor Model One is another hardware wallet that offers anonymous and private storage. This is the basic version offered by Trezor, meaning it’s affordable for most budgets. Costing just $59 – the Trezor Model One is ideal for storing Bitcoin and Ethereum long-term. 

It also supports other popular networks, including BNB Chain, Polygon, and Arbitrum. However, some ecosystems aren’t compatible, such as Solana and Cardano. These networks are available on the premium and more expensive models. Nonetheless, Trezor Model One is as secure as it gets. Wallet movements require users to enter a PIN on the device.

Trezor Model One review

Stolen or damaged wallets can be recovered by the 12-word passphrase. This can be extended to 24 words for additional security. What’s more, the Trezor Model One also offers 2FA. That said, air-gapped security isn’t supported – meaning users must connect a USB cable when setting up outgoing transactions.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
Trezor Model One Hardware $59 plus shipping fees Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, BNB Chain, Dogecoin, Polygon, Mantle, Cronos, and Arbitrum Determined by the on-ramp provider Yes Budget-friendly hardware wallet / Backed by a 12 or 24-word passphrase / Costs just $59


  • Secure cold storage wallet for just $59
  • Security features including 2FA
  • Compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other networks
  • Private keys are stored within the device


  • The iOS app is rated 3.1/5
  • Only the premium version supports the Solana ecosystem

7. OKX Wallet – Multi-Device Web 3.0 Wallet With MPC Security and Token Swaps  

OKX logoOKX Wallet offers anonymous storage solutions for desktop and mobile users. Available operating systems include Windows and Mac software, a mobile app for iOS and Android, and a Chrome browser extension. The wallet is free to download and all subsequent transactions are private. 

OKX Wallet is a solid option for active crypto investors. It connects with hundreds of decentralized exchanges and lending protocols. This means users can swap tokens without leaving the wallet interface. Users can also earn competitive yields via staking and liquidity farming pools. Best of all, more than 80 blockchains are supported.

OKX Wallet review

This includes Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Polygon, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Solana. Another feature is security; OKX Wallet is compatible with MPC technology. This enables users to segment their private keys across multiple trusted servers. The wallet’s smart contract code has been audited by several parties for increased transparency.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
OKX Wallet Software Free Over 80 blockchain networks including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and BNB Chain Determined by the on-ramp provider Yes Available on desktop and mobile devices / Protected by MPC technology / Connects with hundreds of liquidity providers


  • The best option for active crypto investors
  • Swap tokens via hundreds of liquidity providers
  • Earn competitive yields via staking and liquidity farming
  • Available on multiple devices
  • Compatible with over 80 network standards


  • More geared toward intermediate and advanced users
  • Doesn’t offer a browser extension for Firefox or Edge

8. Bybit Wallet – Earn Airdrops, Tokenized Rewards, and Other Perks When Completing Tasks  

Bybit Wallet reviewBybit Wallet is an anonymous wallet app for iOS and Android. Those who prefer using a desktop device can download the Chrome extension. Bybit Wallet offers two ways to secure private keys. First, there’s the seed phrase option, which is secured by a traditional backup passphrase.

Alternatively, the keyless wallet offers MPC security, so the private keys are distributed on multiple servers. One of the top features of Bybit is that users earn Web 3.0 points when completing tasks. This includes basic transactions like sending and receiving funds. Connecting to decentralized applications – such as NFT marketplaces – offers additional points. 

Bybit Wallet review

Web 3.0 points can also be earned when entering airdrop campaigns and swapping tokens. Accumulated points offer daily rewards, such as free crypto tokens and access to new project launches. Bybit Wallet supports 20 blockchain ecosystems, including Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum. The wallet is completely free to use.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
Bybit Wallet Software Free Over 20 blockchain networks including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Mantle Determined by the on-ramp provider Yes Earn Web 3.0 points when completing tasks / Points offer tokenized rewards / Offers two non-custodial options


  • Earn Web 3.0 points to generate tokenized rewards
  • Access new airdrops and crypto IDOs
  • Supports 20 blockchain ecosystems
  • Available as a mobile app or browser extension
  • Security options include a backup passphrase or MPC technology


  • Doesn’t support XRP
  • Users need to bypass a bot to access live chat support

9. Blockstream Jade – Trusted Bitcoin Wallet Device With 3FA Security Features  

Blockstream JadeBlockstream Jade is a no-KYC Bitcoin wallet that comes as a hardware device. Retailing for just $64.99 – it offers the ideal balance between affordability and institutional-grade security. Blockstream Jade is an air-gapped wallet, so external connection threats are redundant.

This includes WiFi, USBs, and Bluetooth. The device comes with an in-built camera – which scans a unique QR code when moving funds. The QR code is randomly generated by the Blockstream app for iOS and Android. Not only that but Blockstream Jade offers three-factor authentication (3FA) for additional security.

Blockstream Jade review

This includes a unique code sent to the registered mobile device and a 24-word passphrase. We also like that Blockstream Jade is open-source, highlighting its commitment to transparency. However, Blockstream Jade comes with a big drawback – Bitcoin is the only supported asset. This means the best altcoins will need to be stored elsewhere.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
Blockstream Jade Hardware $64.99 plus shipping fees Bitcoin N/A Yes Air-gapped security / 3FA for additional safety / Supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network


  • Affordable no KYC wallet retailing for just $64.99
  • Security features include air-gapped technology and 3FA
  • Comes pre-built with a camera for scanning QR codes
  • Compatible with the Bitcoin Lightning Network


  • Only supports Bitcoin
  • Some features are aimed at users with coding knowledge

10. NGRAVE – Premium Cold Wallet Aimed at Investors With Large Crypto Balances  

NGRAVE wallet revioewThe final option to consider is NGRAVE – a premium hardware wallet offering an anonymous experience. Considering its $398 price – NGRAVE is only suitable for investors with large balances. It offers some of the most advanced security features – including tamper-proof technology.

This ensures that NGRAVE devices cannot be tampered with before they arrive. NGRAVE also offers air-gapped security – so threats via WiFi, Bluetooth, and USBs are alleviated. The wallet is also protected by biometrics via 2FA security. In terms of network compatibility, NGRAVE supports 15 blockchain ecosystems.

NGRAVE wallet review

This includes Bitcoin, Solana, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. Like most decentralized crypto wallets, NGRAVE can be recovered via a backup passphrase. NGRAVE also offers a stainless steel product for safely storing the passphrase, although this retails for an extra $100. Writing the passphrase down on a sheet of paper will suffice for most users.

Anonymous Wallet Wallet Type Price Supported Networks Fee to Buy Crypto Mobile App? Top Features
NGRAVE Hardware $398 plus shipping fees 15 blockchain networks including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Solana N/A Yes Premium cold storage for large crypto balances / Air-gapped and 2FA security / Compatible with 15 network standards


  • Institutional-grade storage including air-gapped security
  • Devices are made with tamper-proof technology
  • Additional 2FA safeguards via biometrics
  • Supports over 3,000 cryptos on 15 networks


  • The device costs $398
  • The stainless steel add-on costs an extra $100

How do Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets Protect Your Identity?

Anonymous wallets offer a private experience from the get-go. No personal information is collected by the wallet provider – ensuring users can store crypto and transact without revealing their identity. This also means that users can avoid traditional KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures.

No KYC Requirements

KYC is increasingly becoming mainstream in the crypto investment industry. Consider a popular exchange like Binance or Coinbase – which have over 300 million registered users between them. All account holders must provide personal information when joining. Not to mention KYC documents like a passport or driver’s license.

This means that wallet balances – and all future transactions, are tied to the user’s identity. This is even the case when withdrawing funds to another wallet provider. For example, suppose a user transfers $10,000 worth of Bitcoin from Coinbase to Exodus. All Bitcoin transactions are transparent – so in theory, Coinbase can easily track wallet movements.

how do anonymous crypto wallets work?

This isn’t the case when using an anonymous wallet. For instance, those using Best Wallet simply need to download the mobile app. No account is needed – let alone personal data or verification documents. Put otherwise, those using Best Wallet can send, receive, and store crypto in complete privacy.

Benefits of Using an Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet Without KYC

Anonymous crypto wallets offer many benefits, which are summarized below:

  • No KYC Crypto Wallet: Anonymous wallets offer a KYC-free experience. The wallet provider doesn’t collect or store personal information – including IP address. This means users can invest in and store crypto without uploading a government-issued ID.
  • Become the Custodian: Centralized wallets – usually offered by exchanges and brokers, are custodians. This means they’re responsible for safeguarding your crypto coins. However, this also means you’re handing over control of the wallet’s private keys. As such, you must seek approval when transferring funds. This isn’t the case when using an anonymous wallet, which are non-custodial.
  • Avoid Counterparty Risk: Another benefit of anonymous wallets is that you’ll avoid counterparty risk. After all, custodians can be hacked, meaning a risk to client-owned funds. Custodians can also engage in fraud, negligence, and misconduct – just like FTX did before its 2022 bankruptcy.
  • Transact Freely: Anonymous wallets enable you to send and receive funds immediately – no authorization is needed. This offers a peer-to-peer and decentralized experience – ensuring users can transact without limitations. Crucially, there’s no involvement from third-party intermediaries.
  • Multi-Network Support: Some anonymous wallets support multiple blockchain networks. This means you only need one wallet to store all of your crypto investments. This is especially important for beginners – as managing multiple wallet interfaces can be cumbersome.
  • Anonymous Token Swaps: Not only are anonymous wallets ideal for decentralized storage – but they often support token swaps too. For example, suppose you’ve got USDT stored in Best Wallet. You want to invest in ETH. Without leaving the Best Wallet app, you can anonymously buy ETH with your USDT balance.

Can I Get a Hardware Crypto Wallet Without KYC?

  • Hardware wallets are the safest way to store crypto. But are they anonymous?
  • Well, hardware wallets are physical devices that must be purchased and delivered.
  • Meaning – the provider will need a name and delivery address.
  • However, the provider will not know the receiver’s wallet address – as this is only generated when setting up the device.
  • As such, hardware wallets are anonymous – as transactions cannot be traced to their owners.

Types of Anonymous Crypto Wallets

Anonymous wallets are available as ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ storage.

Hot storage is linked to software wallets, as they’re readily connected to internet servers. This means the crypto wallet is increasingly at risk of being compromised.  After all, most wallet hacks take place remotely.

Hardware wallets offer cold storage, which stores private keys within a physical device. Cold wallets are never connected to the internet, meaning they’re super-safe.

Let’s take a closer look at how hot and cold storage wallets work. This will help you choose the most suitable option.

Anonymous Hot Wallets

Anonymous hot wallets come as software applications.

They’re available in three different formats:

  • Mobile Apps: The most common format is a mobile app, allowing users to seamlessly send, receive, and store funds via smartphones. Security features include facial or fingerprint biometrics.
  • Desktop Software: Some users prefer anonymous crypto wallets on a desktop device. This option comes as software for Windows and Mac. Linux is sometimes supported too.
  • Browser Extension: The least secure but also the most convenient is a browser extension. This is ideal for active traders who regularly move funds. However, users should be aware of online threats – such as malware and keyloggers.

Anonymous Cold Wallets

The safest wallet types offer cold storage. This means that private keys are never exposed to internet threats. Cold wallets come as small hardware devices. Users must enter a PIN on the device to transfer funds. The connection is usually made via Bluetooth or a USB connection.

ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 Cold Wallet

That said, some hardware wallets offer air-gapped security – which means enhanced safety. Instead of relying on external connections, transactions are authorized via a QR code. The QR code is generated by a mobile app and scanned from the wallet device itself.

Legality of Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets

No KYC crypto wallets are perfectly legal. Users can freely store, send, and receive crypto coins without revealing their identity. The only exception is when ‘fiat money’ is involved. Meaning – using an anonymous wallet to buy crypto with real money triggers a KYC request.

This is due to anti-money laundering regulations. The KYC process will be carried out by the fiat-on-ramp provider, rather than the wallet itself. That said, some government bodies have issued guidelines that cover non-custodial wallets.

This includes the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON). ECON expects Virtual Asset Service Providers (e.g. crypto exchanges) to block withdrawals made to anonymous wallets – unless adequate KYC procedures have taken place.

The UK government has implemented similar restrictions – known as the Travel Rule. This requires UK exchanges to request additional information on withdrawals made to private wallets. This includes the name of the receiver and potentially – the reasons behind the payment.

How to Choose an Anonymous BTC Wallet

No two anonymous crypto wallets offer the same user experience. Crypto investors should consider the following factors when selecting a provider:

  • Cold or Hot Storage: The first step is to assess whether you prefer cold or hot storage. Cold wallets are the best option for long-term investors. Active traders might prefer hot wallets via a mobile app or browser extension. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each before proceeding.
  • Security: Explore key security features when researching anonymous wallets. Look at 2FA or 3FA safeguards, biometrics, backup passphrases, and MPC technology. The more security controls the better – as this will ensure your crypto coins are kept safe.
  • Compatible Networks: Another important consideration is supported networks. For example, Blockstream Jade only supports Bitcoin. In contrast, Exodus supports more than 50 networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and BNB Chain. We also prefer wallets that support custom tokens – which can be added manually via the contract address.
  • Fees: Most hot wallets are free to use. Users simply need to download the respective software application. However, this won’t be the case for cold wallets. Trezor Model One and Blockstream Jade are cost-effective options – retailing for $59 and $64.99 respectively. Those looking for premium wallet solutions might like NGRAVE, which costs $398.
  • Additional Features: The best anonymous crypto wallets come with additional features, such as token swaps, staking, liquidity farming, and lending services. It’s often possible to buy crypto with a debit/credit card too. Consider which features you’re after when shortlisting providers.
  • Reputation: Always perform independent due diligence rather than taking third-party advice. Read reviews and ratings from reputable websites, including Trustpilot, Google Play, and the App Store. Read comments from existing users to get an overall idea of how the wallet performs.
  • Privacy: Make sure the wallet provider offers a private and anonymous experience. No personal information or contact details should be collected. Ensure IP addresses aren’t stored either. This might entail reading the wallet’s terms and conditions. Although Reddit is also worth exploring for additional guidance on privacy.

How to Setup a Crypto Wallet Anonymously

We’ll now explain how to set up an anonymous wallet without revealing your identity. Best Wallet – our top pick, will be used for this walkthrough.

  • Step 1: Connect to a VPN: Although this step is optional, consider connecting to a VPN before getting started. This will hinder your true IP address and make it appear as if you’re located in another country.
  • Step 2: Download the Best Wallet App: Visit the Best Wallet website and download the app. Click the Google Play or App Store button to begin the download.
  • Step 3: Set Up Wallet Security: Open the Best Wallet app and complete the required security steps. This will ensure your wallet is protected. Choose a PIN, set up biometrics, and write down your 12-word passphrase.
  • Step 4: Add Crypto: The final step is to add some crypto to your Best Wallet balance. Click the coin you want to deposit followed by ‘Copy’. Complete the transfer from an external wallet or exchange. You can also buy coins directly with a debit/credit card – but your wallet will no longer be anonymous.


Anonymous wallets are a must if you want to store crypto away from centralized entities. Full control and authority are granted to the wallet owner – meaning transaction approval isn’t required.

What’s more, you’ll be able to send and receive crypto without revealing your identity. This ensures an all-round private experience. Research is crucial when selecting an anonymous wallet – including security features, supported networks, and pricing.


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