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The Tech Issues at the Heart of Our Flawed Modern Journalism

We’re in the middle of a crisis in journalism in the United States, and in many countries throughout the developed world. We collectively rely on news media to provide us with accurate, informative, and important information on which we can make decisions and build our lives. When that information is inconsistent, unreliable, or distorted — […]

Is truth dead

The Age of Misinformation: Is the Truth Dead?

We live in an era of distrust. People of all backgrounds and political affiliations are increasingly distrusting the individuals, the platforms, and even the news media companies that present them with information. And on top of that, we’re learning about malicious actors intentionally trying to manipulate the public with bad information. We entered into the […]

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Smarter Media Buying: Interviews with Experts – YellowHammer

This is Part Two in a series of interviews with media buying experts, providing helpful strategies for smarter media buying. In Part One, (Interview with Userbase), we covered general media buying strategies, best practices, and the dangers of fraud. Here in Part Two, we are interviewing Kirsten Samuelson-Roberts, from YellowHammer. Kirsten specializes in Facebook Ad buying […]

TV still a marketer's tool

Thanks Tech for Strategic Advantage on TV

It’s no secret that the internet has changed the way that people all around the world consume media. It’s been a disruption that has almost completely upended the broadcast and cable television industries and has already decimated the home movie rental industry (with the notable exception of Redbox, somehow). The rise of the internet as […]

Will IoT totally reshape how, when and where we get content?

The internet of things (IoT) is only in its infancy, and it is already raising the bar for what consumers expect from their media experience. IoT promises unprecedented levels of personalization, easy access to content, and technology that enables unique, immersive experiences beyond what has been offered before. In fact, as suggested in the EY […]