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Real Estate Tech that Will Endure in a Post COVID World

The work of real estate agents has changed significantly in recent years as a result of new technologies. Many home buyers now start their search online, and new tools help buyers and agents connect and streamline the buying process.  With the arrival of Covid-19, the need to employ real estate tech is even greater. Social […]

The Three Keys to Working from Home

Companies across the globe are unexpectedly embracing working from home out of necessity. In fact, according to a recent Gallup Poll, 62% of employed Americans currently say they have worked from home during the crisis. At Open Raven, we were founded and remain a 100% remote team. There’s no shortage of great resources and tips […]

Top 10 Greatest AI Trends in Business 2020

Artificial Intelligence is the technological story of the 2010s, and over time, more AI technologies are on the way. AI was the new charm for all tech people — but it did not end even in the second decade. No doubt, 2019 was the year of artificial intelligence; however, 2020 has promised more AI miracles. […]

Understanding the Role of AI and ML in Sentiment Analysis

As we all know — customer opinion and feedback is vital. But how can we convert this feedback into meaningful customer insights? Businesses gather information and use things like polls and other data to gain insights from the feedback. It is important to understand the customer to be able to make sense of the latest […]

Get Deluxe Sleep with the Helix Midnight Luxe

The Helix Midnight Luxe is one of the best and most cost-effective hybrid mattresses on the market right now. CNN rated it as the “best mattress of 2019” and Business Insider reported in their review that “I feel more supported at night…and have noticed decreased neck, shoulder, and back pain.” The mattress boasts a blend […]

Top 25 Father’s Day Gifts For 2020

This year, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st. It seems like every year brings more cool gadgets and tech gear that Dads are sure to love (including me, so hopefully my family reads this gift guide!). My wife found a card site on Etsy that will make your dad a Custom Father’s Day Card – […]

Top 6 Fastest-Growing Industries in Australia 2020

Surviving various economic crises, Australia is one of the highly developed economies in the world. However, being one of the most resilient economies, the industries of Australia have a prime role to develop the country. It is one of the most attractive foreign investment destinations with a lot of opportunities. The industries in Australia are […]

The Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes Businesses Are Still Making

Despite evidence of multi-billion-dollar cybersecurity vulnerabilities in some of the world’s most trusted organizations, businesses still aren’t taking cybersecurity seriously. Big corporations are finding reasons to skimp on their cybersecurity budgets, cutting costs rather than investing in their infrastructure, and small business owners are simply negligent of the threat that cybersecurity issues present. So why […]

How to Tap Into the Power of Organic Marketing

It’s never been easier to start and grow a business. That’s both good news and bad news. The internet has deconstructed the traditional barriers to entry that have kept entrepreneurs from launching their own companies. This has led to incredible innovation over the past two decades, but it’s also led to an exponential increase in […]

Hydrogen-Powered Trains Promise for Green Economy in India

In India, Rail transport is the second most used mode of travel that consumes 2.8 billion liters of diesel annually. The railways’ fuel bill is touching about Rs 32,000 crore a year, of which the expenditure on diesel is about Rs 18,000 crore. Here are hydrogen-powered trains that promise a green economy in India. According […]