Amazon merchants who aim for long-term success invest in additional workforce, time, and effort, as well as investing in software tools and services to help them streamline their online business. With that in mind, here are some of the best Amazon tools and services to help you improve your Amazon business in 2021.

Project Management Tools to Use for Your Amazon Business

Similar to any business, your Amazon venture requires multiple things, from handling inventory to customer care. For that matter, it is critical to define your business process to make it easier for you to manage the overall business operation.

To achieve a defined work process, the use of project management tools is recommended and beneficial. With the help of a project management software, Amazon sellers can collaborate better and produce a more efficient work output.

For Amazon sellers preparing for 2021, it is good to note that 77% of high-performing projects (workamajigdotcom) make use of project management tools. If you wish to improve the overall operation and communication within your Amazon business, this type of Amazon seller tool should be considered.

Inventory Management Tool

When it comes to online retail, a shortage of inventory or being out of stock can have a very negative impact for sellers. This can affect both your Amazon rating and the overall customer shopping experience. Implementing a reliable inventory management software will help you combat this.

As an overview, an inventory management tool is the most effective way for   Amazon sellers to keep  track of their store’s inventory levels.

As for its added features, sellers may also make use of inventory management tools for tracking orders, sales, and deliveries. Some of its known benefits include but are not limited to a reduced risk of overselling, avoidance of excess stock and improved business negotiations.

Advertising Tools & Services 

Most Amazon sellers are not aware that an Amazon shopper spends around 10 minutes on Amazon. In view of the given data, listed items buried low in Amazon search results will likely receive few engagements. If you want to increase the visibility and sales of your Amazon store, then you should start implementing specific Amazon advertising solutions.

The best thing about Amazon is that they already have their own advertising tools and services that correlate with their algorithm. If you wish to have a successful Amazon business in 2021, understanding these advertising solutions will help you in potentially expanding your business.

Amazon categorizes their advertising tools and solutions into 3 categories, namely by; by-product, by objective, and by industry. Within each category, various advertising solutions are available for Amazon sellers to choose from.

As an overview of Amazon’s advertising services, here are the top 3 advertising tools widely used by Amazon sellers:

Sponsored Products: This type of Amazon ad pertains to individual product ads that appear within shopping result pages and product detail pages.

Sponsored Brands: This type of advertising tool aims to showcase a seller’s brand and product portfolio, mainly through the custom headline and brand logo display.

Sponsored Display: Similar to the aforementioned ads, the sponsored display also showcases products and brands. However, it is not simply limited within Amazon, ads can also appear outside the Amazon platform.

Repricing Software

The Amazon marketplace is a competitive marketplace, which is why winning the Amazon Buy Box is critical for increased store engagement and revenue. One of the main factors sellers should consider for an increased Buy Box winning rate is of course,  the price – the more competitive, the better.

Amazon sellers should be proactive in their repricing strategy, especially in 2021 where an influx of shoppers is expected. A dynamic repricing approach is crucial for business success. Hence, the use of an Amazon repricer is a must.

In particular, automated repricers offer the best results and improved functionality that Amazon sellers should take advantage of. Automatic repricers, such as Seller Snap, are capable of automatically adjusting prices based on marketplace situations, competitor’s behavior, and price change notifications coming from Amazon’s API.

Product Research Tool

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the shopping behavior of consumers worldwide. For that matter, it is crucial to offer items that are relevant and practical amidst the global crisis.

By having access to accurate sales data, Amazon sellers can make informed decisions  based on which products are worth investing in. You can achieve this with a  product research tool, such as SellerApp.

Additionally, this tool helps Amazon sellers discover niche markets, best sellers, and trending items that can be added to their Amazon inventory while saving an enormous amount of time in the process.

Keyword Research Tool

To complement product research, keyword research is also necessary for improved product listing optimization. Keywords play a vital role in achieving a better position on a product search result page.

When optimizing a product listing, Amazon sellers should include relevant keywords for Amazon SEO purposes. Alternatively, proper keywords also aid in improving your Amazon affiliate marketing campaign.

With the help of reliable keyword research tools and services, you will discover keyword ideas to use for your Amazon PPC campaign and product listing optimization. This will generate more leads, increase conversions, and improve visibility on search engine result pages.

Amazon Feedback Tools

Another software to consider in order to help you succeed is a feedback and review tool. Reviews and customer feedback are key metrics that influence the Buy Box algorithm.

Amazon takes into account how many reviews your store has in relation to your selling history. That is why it is important to encourage reviews from your Amazon store shoppers.

The main function of this particular Amazon seller tool is to automatically request reviews and feedback from shoppers while giving you an opportunity to track all product reviews in a single place.

If you wish to increase the number of customer reviews on your Amazon store in 2021, an Amazon feedback tool is worth trying.

Brand Protection Tools

Despite the strict guidelines, fake items and counterfeit goods are still being sold online. In view of such a pressing concern, Amazon has introduced brand protection tools to help sellers protect their Amazon business against counterfeiting activities

Amazon sellers wanting to grow and protect their brand should take advantage of the Brand Registry, Project Zero, Transparency expansion, and IP Accelerator. The aforementioned Amazon seller tools and services are geared toward Amazon seller protection for both local and global Amazon marketplaces.

Amazon FBA Calculator

Perhaps one of the most important Amazon seller tools that should never be neglected in 2021 is the Amazon FBA calculator. Despite the prevalence of off-site FBA calculators, the on-site FBA calculator of Amazon remains invaluable.

With the help of the Amazon FBA calculator, Amazon sellers, especially the newbies, can easily understand all of the  Amazon seller fees. Hence, giving them a better view of a product’s potential profitability and the necessary budget.

The FBA calculator within Amazon is also handy for sellers selling across international marketplaces. Amazon offers access to various FBA calculators, including that of the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, and other Amazon international marketplaces.

Gearing Up for Amazon 2021 and Beyond

A significant change has been observed in the retail and eCommerce industry this year. Amazon sellers, in particular, experienced drastic changes within global marketplaces.

Now that 2021 is fast approaching, ample preparation and upgrades are necessary to thrive in the current market. In order to improve Amazon store performance and hit sales targets for the next year, the use of the abovementioned reliable Amazon sellers tools will be a game-changer for any online seller.

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