Aashirvad Kumar

Aashirvad Kumar

SEO Consultant In India

Aashirvad Kumar is a Writer at Tele Trick Mania and SEO Executive at Optimize For SEO. He has been blogging since 2016 in the technology niche. He has experience of more than 5+ years in Digital Marketing.

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Paid SEO Tools

5 Signs You Should Start Using Paid SEO Tools

I expect that you are using Free SEO tools but facing some problems in ranking your website. There are chances that you can make a brand of your online business, but these chances are pretty low with Free SEO tools. If you are struggling to mark your online presence, you must start using paid SEO […]

keywords seo

Does Working on 10+ Keywords Help in Fast SEO Ranking?

Before proceeding with this content, let me ask you something “How long have you been in the blogging field or the SEO field?” The answer to the question “Does Working on 10+ Keywords Help in Fast SEO Ranking?” totally depends on your response. But before that, let me clear one thing with you here: 10 […]

amazon ppc

Amazon PPC Management with Limited Budget

Over the years of working with different Amazon Seller clients as an Agency, we came across the budget limited request on a few occasions. Here is how to do Amazon PPC management when there is a limited budget spend. Not just with starting sellers The request is not just the starting Sellers (who still have […]

What Hacks Do Amazon Sellers Use To Dominate The Marketplace?

What Hacks Do Amazon Sellers Use to Dominate the Marketplace?

Amazon Prime alone relish more than 54 million individuals and tallying. If Prime were a nation, it would have 8,000,000 more individuals than Spain and be the 27th generally crowded on the planet. Those are simply the Amazon Prime family. This vast figure simply ensures that Amazon isn’t going anywhere. With endless vendors in the […]

business data visualization

Top 2020 WordPress Plugins for Business Data Visualization

Data visualization is a trendy process now which could take raw data in any form as input and convert those to easily understandable visual presentation. The data visualization technique of converting raw data into insights have been there into practice for many decades now — and most of the data is moving to the cloud. […]

digial marketing strategy

8 Best Digital Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Should Implement

In the last decade, things went from offline to online. People are now searching for clothes on e-commerce websites instead of looking for some stores. Businesses are taking their online presence seriously. Moreover, people are creating millions of dollars through different online services. Here are the eight best digital marketing strategies small businesses should implement. […]

developers, salesforce dx

Why Developers use Salesforce DX

One major headache of developers and development teams is the need to keep up with the inevitably changing business and market needs. Salesforce always tried to add on tools enabling a wider group of users than other platforms to administer the changes to their business applications. The objective of Salesforce tools is to empower the […]