Before proceeding with this content, let me ask you something “How long have you been in the blogging field or the SEO field?” The answer to the question “Does Working on 10+ Keywords Help in Fast SEO Ranking?” totally depends on your response. But before that, let me clear one thing with you here: 10 keywords means 10 individual keywords.

Does Working on 10+ Keywords Help in Fast SEO Ranking?

Here I’ll not talk about optimizing your content to stuff 10 relevant keywords. Instead, I’ll be talking about working on 10 different keywords and the probability of getting a fast SEO ranking on a search engine.

First of all, fast SEO ranking can’t be achieved with keywords only. You have to work on several different criteria to get fast SEO rankings for your website (optimize for SEO dotcom).

Let’s get back to the content; if you are new to blogging or in the SEO field, then the SEO rankings game is completely different for you, but things are somewhere different if you have some experience of blogging.

SEO Ranking for New Bloggers

If you have just entered the blogging and get motivated with income reports of the big players in the field, then get down, my friend; things will be very tricky for you.

You need to concentrate on several other factors that are way more important than getting fast SEO ranking. First, before thinking of huge traffic, you should concentrate on building authority for your website. Once your website gets appropriate value over the internet, then SEO ranking will not be tough for you.

So, if you will ask me as a beginner that doing 10+ keywords can give you fast SEO ranking, then it’s completely different. Working on 10+ keywords won’t affect your SEO ranking.

Instead, if you will work on 1 keyword, then chances are that you will get fast SEO rankings because your concentration will be on single content at a time. However, as a beginner, I don’t think you can effectively work over 10+ keywords at a time.

Since you are in the learning phase, take things slowly, but if you want fast SEO ranking, you can hire an SEO expert to handle things for you. He is an expert, so he knows which keyword needs more attention and can be ranked easily and quickly.

SEO Ranking for Experienced Bloggers

Right now, I am assuming that your website has a reputation and authority over the internet, and you have successfully built a community (readers) for your website. At this position, you can easily handle working on 10+ keywords at a time, but it won’t help you get fast SEO ranking for your website.

In a Special situation where all the keywords are related to each other and contents are independent of each other, working on those 10+ keywords can give you fast SEO rankings over Search Engines.

Finding dependent keywords is the trickiest part of blogging.  Sometimes, we might get wrong perceptions about the keywords, and it can affect your whole schedule. So it’s better to hire an SEO expert to take care of all the vulnerabilities.

Final Verdict

I hope things are clear with you now. Before investing your valuable time and efforts over 10+ keywords, you should concentrate on a single keyword. But sometimes, it requires working on 10+ keywords simultaneously; for that, I must say you have to consult an SEO expert before taking any decision. Apart from this, let me tell you that mostly working on 10+ keywords will not give you fast SEO rankings for websites. Thus, first, understand the situation and then take action. For example, we have applied for an Amazon Product Photography service agency, and now they are ranking on more than 1000 keywords.

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Aashirvad Kumar

SEO Consultant In India

Aashirvad Kumar is a Writer at Tele Trick Mania and SEO Executive at Optimize For SEO. He has been blogging since 2016 in the technology niche. He has experience of more than 5+ years in Digital Marketing.