It’s not at all safe for women to walk around alone in the city at night” is sadly something women often hear.

Whether it is a developed or a developing country, women feel unsafe anywhere. Keeping pepper spray or other devices can bring comfort, but may not be a safer solution. You need something that guarantees complete protection and also alerts your family or 911 at the time of emergency. You need personal safety alert device.

What are personal safety devices?

Personal safety comprises of not only physical safety but also psychosomatic protection. It includes freedom from worry about physical safety as well as belligerence and harassment. Women must be aware of all these terms because many times they have to face different physical or mental abuse from the people around them. 

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Many companies have stepped forward to work in this direction and even come up with some unique ideas in the form of innovative safety devices to protect women from stalkers. One of the successful devices that have helped several women to protect themselves and alert their loved ones at the time of emergency is personal safety beacon.

A safety beacon is a wearable device that women can wear on their wrist, around their neck as a pendant or put it on their vehicle key ring. These devices are gaining a strong foothold in the market as they offer complete safety to the women of all age groups. From school going girls to working women, this device assures safety to all of them.

How does this safety device work?

These safety beacons are GPS based devices that get activated on the click of a button and share your location information with 911 or your loved ones. When your life is in danger or there is some medical emergency, you can’t control them through a call. Simply click distress beacon and it will be activated instantly despite your location. Whether you are traveling by air, sea or land, your loved ones will be alert about the emergency situation.

This alert signal activates the app stored on your mobile device, which in turn send an alert message with your location or message to all the contacts listed in your safety app. Your family and friends will be notified that you have a problem. You can even make a call through safety beacon. Some wearable safety devices also allow you to send emails and text messages to your contacts.

There is a lot of hope from safety wearables and emergency alert apps. Women can carry safety device with them and silently let their loved ones track them even if there is no emergency. This safety gadget will definitely go well with your taste and lifestyle. Choose the best brand safety beacon and emergency app and stay safe.