Air quality analytics firm BreezoMeter and GE’s energy-focused in-house startup, have announced a partnership aimed at providing smart cities with real-time air quality and traffic analytics.

Breezometer will provide the real-time air quality, while Current gives traffic insights from its LED infrastructure. Smart city leaders can then spot patterns in traffic and pollution, leading to actionable solutions to reduce a city’s carbon footprint and reduce congestion.

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City leaders will also be able to reroute and organize traffic more efficiently to avoid polluting the area through an air quality check, which alerts users when air quality levels reach critical levels.

“The next wave of Intelligent Cities will be led by those who embrace digital infrastructure and empower citizens and partners to innovate and create for the benefit of the entire community,” says John Gordon, chief digital officer of Current.. “Intelligent LEDs provide the foundation for that innovation and partnerships like this one help cities protect and improve the quality of life for residents.”

Pollution a big issue

Pollution is a big issue indoors and outdoors, and cities that want to adapt to the 21st century need to ensure climate control is high on their list of priorities. This new partnership doesn’t alleviate the problem, but it does allow smart cities to tackle pollution and ensure levels don’t become too bad for citizens living in the city.

“We’re excited to partner with a company like Current who is leading the way in intelligent infrastructure,” said Daniel Elkabetz, business development director of BreezoMeter. “This just further demonstrates the ways in which smart cities can work on many different levels to improve the well-being of their populations. Something as simple as a streetlamp can play a key role in expanding the number data points in a city and therefore delivering the most accurate air quality data possible.”