UK Autodrive scheme to be tested on public roads this year

Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, and Tata Motors are collaborating in the U.K. on a scheme called Autodrive, which is working on communication systems for self-driving cars. The most recent test, held in Nuneaton, a town in Warwickshire, England, looked into several safety systems aimed at reducing accidents. These included emergency warning technology and collision warnings, […]

WND partners with Sigfox to supply UK with IoT network

Internet of Things network operator Wireless Network Devices (WND) has announced a partnership with Sigfox to build a national UK IoT network by the end of 2018. Sigfox, the French IoT network supplier, switched from British telecommunications company Arqiva to WND earlier this week. The IoT network currently covers 30 percent of the population, mainly […]


Accenture opens Liquid Studio to speed up software development

Multinational services firm Accenture has opened its first Liquid Studio in London’s business district, to enable customers and collaborators to speed up software development. Accenture claims that the Liquid Studio can vastly reduce the time spent developing a prototype and can lead to more innovative solutions. In some cases, the firm said the development cycle […]

Can UK smart city projects harness $7B in private funding?

New research identifies nearly $7 billion in funding for U.K. smart city projects if players can tap into flows of private capital. An article by UK Authority discusses the recent smart city research paper by Siemens Financial Services. The paper modeled private sector financing opportunities to make up the shortfall in public funds for British […]

What are the major barriers to UK smart cities?

A recent report commissioned by streetlight design and manufacturing company Lucy Zodion has found significant barriers to smart city development in the UK. The report contains research into the opinions on smart cities of senior contacts from councils across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The in-depth interviews conducted in May and June 2016 gauged the appetite […]

Most U.K. councils’ smart city projects just hot air

Despite lots of talk about smart city initiatives, a recent study found municipalities across the U.K. are not walking the walk. New Electronics reports the results of a survey of 187 councils from across England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland by DJS Research. The survey found that many local governments across the U.K. lack the […]


Roke creates self-driving car “black box” for crashes

Roke Manor Research, an engineering consultancy group based in Romsey, UK, has demonstrated a black box capable of reconstructing an autonomous car accident in 3D. Unlike most car black boxes, which send alerts when the driver goes over the speed limit or crashes, Roke’s new 3D box will show an animated scene of the minutes […]

Topshop wants you to look good while paying

Topshop wants you to look good while paying

With bPay, it appears that shopping has moved beyond store merchandise, also embracing fashion when it comes to payment at the register. British fast-fashion outlet Topshop just introduced their next collection of bPay contactless payment accessories which have been introduced into its UK stores, as well as online.  Apparently, this payment method is starting to increase in […]


Day One for British self-driving Pod Zero

RDM Group, the firm responsible for the LUTZ Pathfinder –  a single seat autonomous car that drives on paths – plans to launch multiple new pods at this week’s Automechanika event. The firm will launch three new driverless pods that fit two, four, and eight people, according to the Coventry Telegraph.  See Also: Will Tesla go […]

Queen’s speech legalizes autonomous cars in U.K.

Autonomous car manufacturers might start to look at the United Kingdom as a viable alternative to Europe or the U.S., thanks to proposed new reforms on insurance legislation that now covering autonomous cars. Announced in the Queen’s Speech to Parliament earlier today, the reforms allow autonomous cars to be tested and purchased in the U.K. […]

London calling: UK regulator creates new IoT spectrum license

British communications regulator Ofcom has announced plans to create a new spectrum license for Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. The license will use very high frequency (VHF) bands, including 55-68MHz, 70.5-71.5MHz, and 80.5-81.5MHz, according to Computing.co.uk. These bands are typically used for audio purposes and are usually quite cheap compared to low-frequency […]