Sigfox and Thinxtra announce new Hong Kong IoT network

Sigfox and Thinxtra announce new Hong Kong IoT network

Sigfox, a global leader in connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things, along with its operator, Thinxtra, is launching a new IoT network in Hong Kong. The network is expected to be built in 2017. This announcement comes as more cities across the world consider adopting more smart city technologies. Sigfox’s network would facilitate these […]

Hong Kong plans to roll out smart city trials in Kowloon East

In Kowloon East, Hong Kong’s testing ground for smart city development, officials are asking for the public’s opinion on a suggested framework for the city. Four trials for smart city solutions will be conducted, beginning now through 2017 year’s end, in order to determine how practical they are and how well they work. See Also: […]

Shenzhen playing a strong hand in the global IoT game

Chinese Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen is set to become a global hub for IoT hardware manufacturing. This thriving metropolis of an estimated 14 million people – just 40km outside Hong Kong – and has already made big waves in the IoT world as an attractive spot for entrepreneurial manufacturing, especially for IoT-related companies. Shenzhen […]