Sigfox, a global leader in connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things, along with its operator, Thinxtra, is launching a new IoT network in Hong Kong. The network is expected to be built in 2017.

This announcement comes as more cities across the world consider adopting more smart city technologies. Sigfox’s network would facilitate these connections and enable the IoT to flourish in the region.

The Hong Kong SAR government has been actively looking for ways to improve the region’s IoT capabilities. In 2014, Hong Kong’s government introduced the Digital 21 Strategy which stands as a blueprint for the role information and communications technologies would play in furthering Hong Kong’s economic growth.

This strategy relies heavily on the adoption of key new technologies, IoT among them.

In 2015, Hong Kong released a policy statement announcing the creation of a new program to pilot smart city technologies. It called this initiative “Energizing Kowloon East”.

Not their first collaboration

This wouldn’t be the first project of its kind for Sigfox or Thinxtra. Thinxtra has been at the forefront of the expansion of the network in Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. In fact, Thinxtra achieved an incredible 65% coverage to the population of Australia and New Zealand in just three months.

Murray Hankinson, Thinxtra Managing Director Asia said, ”Thinxtra is the pure play LPWAN IoT service provider in Australia and New Zealand and will soon be in Hong Kong, supporting the city’s vision for IoT and Smart City.”

For smart cities, a reliable and readily-available IoT network is critical. This network would facilitate the data transfer between a great many small devices. Cameras and traffic sensors are just a few of the many technologies that can help reduce a city’s operating costs, optimize traffic flow, and provide a modern, accessible infrastructure for its citizens.