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How can we make parking smarter?

Believe it or not, the parking industry is getting smarter. For cities hoping to integrate more smart technologies into their infrastructure, smart parking is a brilliant way to monitor, manage, and monetize parking. As automated vehicles go from vision to reality, smart parking will become increasingly more necessary. One firm, IPS Group, has a solution. […]

How Indonesia became home to some incredible smart city projects

Indonesian is known for its world-renowned coffee, spices, and wildlife. It’s a vast island nation with beautiful landscapes and Bali is among the top tourist destinations in the world. Surfers around the globe know Bunaken as the premier surfing destination. Despite all its natural beauty and rich history, technology isn’t the first thing outsiders link to the nation, but […]

South Africa wants to crank out more connected devices

When you think about global leaders Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) manufacturing, a few regions come to mind. China, Europe, and the United States are certainly among them. But, government leaders from South Africa want to add a new region to the global conversation: Africa. South African Telecommunications and Postal Services Minister Dr Siyabonga Cwele recently attended […]

Crosstown Cleveland college rivals join forces for IoT

Cleveland State University has partnered with Case Western Reserve University to promote research and educational opportunities around the Internet of Things (IoT). This partnership came about thanks to a $200,000 Cleveland Foundation grant awarded in January in order to create the Digital Excellence Initiative. This partnership, which includes a joint foundation between the two institutions, […]


Dell gumshoes your unsafe enterprise security practices

Dell recently conducted a survey involving 2,608 global professionals working for companies in the enterprise sector with 250 or more employees. The results of this survey are no less than shocking and should be of interest to any business that deals with secure private or corporate information. These days, we trust corporations with our most private information. We trust […]