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Boston seaport becoming a testbed for autonomous vehicles

Private parties owning lots in Boston’s Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park have been enabling autonomous vehicle testing on their property for the past year. The land was paved, yet undeveloped. This made it a perfect testbed for autonomous vehicles. This enabled companies working to perfect autonomous car technologies to test their creations in a controlled environment […]

Dubai residents could soon flag down a new autonomous bus

The streets of Dubai are known for hosting some of the world’s most expensive sports cars. Brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and BMW are a common sight in the desert strip. However, a new type of vehicle is making its way through Dubai’s “Business Bay,” an autonomous bus. This bus, trialed in a coordinated effort between RTA and Dubai […]

How to translate German tech for Indian consumers

Blaupunkt, a German tech firm focused on cars and consumer electronics, is moving into the mobile market with mobile accessories followed by its own smartphone and tablet offerings. These products, which are expected to launch as early as the next year, are going to be made available in the large and already-crowded Indian market. For German tech, why […]

White House wants the nation to get ready for AI

In an effort to drive continued innovation in a handful of key areas of technology and science, President Obama hosted the White House Frontiers Conference, a one-day conference in Pittsburgh. This conference is a joint venture between the White House, the  University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. During the conference, President Obama announced a number […]

Will autonomous vehicles cruise the factories of tomorrow?

GE and Caterpillar have joined forces by investing in Clearpath Robotics, a startup focused on bringing self-driving vehicles to the factory floor. This startup, which has been around since its founding out of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, CA, has been focused on research and development of robots that transport materials, pallets, and other […]

Today’s IoT technologies are circling tomorrow’s airports

Today’s IoT technologies are circling tomorrow’s airports

IoT technologies, including sensors, wearables, virtual reality, and more are set to become a big part of the airports of tomorrow – and nearly a quarter of the world’s airlines are already on board. For the most part, travellers are becoming accustomed to the slowly growing influence of technology on their travel. Electronic check-in has eliminated […]


Indy driver gains first autonomous vehicle license in U.S.

Sam Schmidt, who made headlines by breaking speed records in a semi-autonomous modified Corvette Z06 during the Indianapolis 500 earlier this year, is about to receive the first autonomous vehicle restricted driver’s license to be issued in the United States. Schmidt, prior to an accident in 2000 that rendered him quadriplegic, was one of the top Indy Racing League […]

Chicago takes aim at driverless cars in proposed legislation

If you envision the Chicago of the future, complete with sprawling skyscrapers, delivery drones, and automated cars cruising down brightly-lit streets, you probably aren’t imagining the same city as some of Chicago’s government officials. In recently-proposed legislation, the city of Chicago may well ban automated vehicles entirely. Aldermen Ed Burke and Anthony Beale proposed the ordinance […]